NACA inspection Process

Hey Guys,

I am scheduled to do my first NACA inspection tomorrow. I’m in my third year and I’m comfortable with my routine inspection process, but I’m a unsure of the NACA process.

Can anyone tell me, in general terms, what the process is. As I understand it, it goes something like this.

  1. I inspect the house making sure that I inspect everything on the NACA list
  2. I have to put the pictures in Home Gauge and upload them.

I don’t use Home Gauge, I’m a Palm Tech user.

Do I collect the money onsite the way I normally would, or do I get a check from NACA?

Do I charge my normal rate, or do I have to charge a NACA rate. If so, how do I know the NACA rate.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

From what I hear, they charge a lot and give you about half.
They also don’t want to know of problems and if you miss any they will want you to pay after the house goes into foreclosure and most will. I would not do these if I were you.

Hey Bking, thanks for your feedback. Have you ever done a NAPA inspection?

what is napa, not even a naca one