NACHI and H.I.T. Interactive announce a Commercial Inspections Course!


HIT Interactive, in conjunction with Nick Gromicko and NACHI, is pleased to announce the release of its Commercial Inspections Course.

This course is unique, as it dissects the ASTM Standard, and teaches inspectors what is needed to perform a commercial inspection to these ratified standards.

We remove all the mystery from the process.

The best thing of all is the fact that Nick has agreed to help bring this course to NACHI chapter locations around the US!

No kidding…

Those chapters and states interested need to start lettimg me know where and when!

For those not able to attend an on-site course, it will be shipping on CD within the next 3 weeks or so.

Okay folks… you asked for it, and we are delivering!

Commercial Inspections… at last. AWESOME


How much will it cost?

Working out the details for the on-site and CD versions of the course right now



It’s only been announced in multiple threads. I’m trying to keep this on the same page.

Joe Farsetta’s class is not the same as was being marketed by Tom Rausch.


Meaning what? No IR camera course? or…?


I believe Tom is coordinating the ITA class, along with FLIR as a packaged deal.

My class is honed to cover much of the same informaton in a more condensed timeframe. And, no, mine does not include thermal imaging, as many inspectors do not rely on it, cannot afford it, or whatever.

Thanks Joe! Looking forward to your class!!

Who said it was???