NACHI and NAHI....The other side's story

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Another court case settled out of court due to the expense of going to trial, as stated in the NAHI document. Hmmmmmm. :wink:

Yep. None of the evidence heard or tested in a court of law. Now, we will never know…just like when a home inspection suit is settled out of court. No precedents…no judgements. Just talk.

Oh, there’s judgments, just not the kind you’re looking for.

International National Association of Home Inspectors sounds redundant.

You got it wrong … it is;
The*** InterNational ***Association of Home Inspectors :smiley:

I think it’s just INTER NACHI, which to me would be INTER National Association…
If I am wrong, it belongs in the Department of Redundancy Department.

The name is … The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

a.k.a … InterNACHI.:smiley:

the anti-scumbag

The summary of the agreement states:

“NACHI has agreed to act immediately effectuate the name change on all of its websites, letterheads, and marketing materials. The parties have agreed to allow NACHI members time to make the transition to InterNACHI, but it is expected that NACHI members will act in a reasonably prompt fashion in doing so.”

Reliable sources tell me that NACHI has not agreed to “act immediately”, but has agreed to act over the next two years.** As far as NACHI members (and chapters) go, we are under no obligation to stop using “National Association of Certified Home Inspectors” or “NACHI” or the current NACHI logo. **

This agreement is between the corporate entities of NACHI and NAHI and their paid employees and not regular NACHI members**, volunteers, chapters or any of the independent entities that include NACHI in their name** (such as NACHI Certified Education, the NACHI Store, etc.).

**The whole idea that “The parties agreed to allow NACHI members time to make the transition” is just plain laughable. **As NACHI members, we are not party to the agreement in any way shape or form.

If we as NACHI members choose to use the new logo (or not), it is entirely up to us. So don’t go making plans to change all your inspection companies marketing materials unless you would like to.

** The concept that “it is expected that NACHI members will act in a reasonably prompt fashion” presumes that we are somehow a party to this agreement.**

Did I say that we as members are not a party to the agreement? Why, yes I did. So if you want to make your existing NACHI logos bigger, have at it! Add it to all your shirts, slap them all over your trucks, hand them out on street corners or any other use you might have for it.

Long live NACHI, the NACHI logo and the “National Association of Certified Home Inspectors”. NACHI members use them all in good health as long as you want!

So much for the “significant victory” Mr Rawlings refereed to. Truth be told, NACHI threw them a bone. In the face of spending thousands of dollars toward inevitable failure, NAHI took the bait.

After the deposition of the NAHI Executive Director it became clear as day that they had a seriously uphill battle to prove one single allegation they have made against NACHI.

The very idea that there was “repeated confusion between NAHI and NACHI caused by the similarity between the names” is just plain stupid, and the respective logos, look nothing like each other.

The bottom line is that NAHI DID NOT achieve their major goals and already wasted plenty of their members money on a virtually fruitless effort. If they now think that NACHI members are going to change logos and reference to NACHI anytime soon, I hope they are not holding their breath. It is more likely that NAHI will be long gone before the last NACHI logo is retired.