NACHI/ASHI inspector fell off a 25 ladder and needs our help. Please help!

Good link Nick,

You can go to the link Nick posted and send your CC payment
directly to Greg…

If everybody sends just $20… this could really help the
guy and you would hardly notice it on your budget.

It’s a good feeling to get some help when your down … :wink:

The Lord will bless you when you give.

LOL… Good one… I like them ole sayings.

My grandma used to say, always keep your back to the wall, face the door, because you never know who your real friends are and they’ll turn on you and stab you in the back when you’re not looking.

Sometimes people mistake a stab in the back for a kick in the a$s, OTOH though, just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean that they are not out to get you either… :smiley:


There is no NACHI Foundation.

There is only the Foundation for Safer Housing.

John M. Your post says the link sends money directly to Greg… it actually sends it to Ray, the member who fell.

Thanks for the link.

I hope that you have a speedy recovery.


thanks money

going today

Nick, thanks for caring, and for always thinking about the membership. Jacki will be sending out a check tomorrow or calling with a credit card.

Whoops… my mistake in the name.
Good link… and yes it sends the money to the right guy!


If someone will pledge $50, I’ll donate $100.

Any takers?

Nick, check your email…(fastreply)

You’re a good, good guy, Nick…

I may be new to NACHI…but we need to take care of our own !!! My $20 is on the way through Paypal !!! How about the rest of you NACHI brothers and sisters ???

Just got off the phone with Ray T --he’s doing as well as can be expected. Says it’s painful.

He promised to get on the board this evening and give us all an update.

Stand by for further developments…

You’d be really surprised by the reaction I received from “another” association when asking to help him. Nick YOU are the man. NACHI, you are the team! The “other” association said it was up to me to do something local, and there was nothing they can do! They even referred to ladder safety brochures. Personally in my opinion, thats sad! A fellow inspector gets injured, and that’s what we get! Rays got my money on him! Lets see if we can help him through this difficult time just as we all would appreciate the same should something like this happen to us! RIGHT?

Good lesson learned for all of us, we ALL need short and longterm disability insurance. It’s money well spent if you look at it in the long run! If anyone takes anything away from this, get covered.

I want to wish Ray a speedy and complete recovery. $50 on the way through PayPAl. Thanks for the link Nick!

Hello Everyone,

Nick has asked if I would give everyone an update. First I would like to thank everyone who called, emailed, or sent donations. I am truly thankful for this and it means more than you know. I am thankful for NACHI for being there for me from the start of my inspection career until now. I feel there is not a better or more caring organization in the world this is something we can all be proud of. Nick is a class act and is willing to lend assistance when needed.

I am doing well considering the circumstance. I am experiencing major pain. It is most difficult at night (no sleep). I am thankful to be alive, to be able to hug my wife and 2 boys. I broke 2 vertebrae, bruised muscles, and some scraps on my legs and nose. The Doctors expect a full recovery. It may be several months before I can inspect again, and yes I do plan on inspecting again!

This unfortunate accident made me realize that yes it can happen to anyone no matter how well you prepare or how cautious you are. There is a big risk we take every time we inspect a building ( especially for those who use ladders and walk roofs).

I plan on uploading pictures of the accident and my injuries for those who are interested. I will try and put a link in here in the next few days. I will give regular updates for those interested as well.

Thanks again,
Ray Thoroman
Superior Home Inspections
Gainesville, GA


I feel your pain - I was thrown from a horse & landed on my back across a log & broke 3 vertebrae a few years back. The nights are horrible. One thing that did help me was taking a LONG hot shower and going directly to bed - Hot as you can stand it, it helps to relax the muscles. I would think a hot tub would be wonderful for it - but I didn’t have that luxury. I never take any pain meds unless I absolutley cannot stand it. Those new stick on heat therapy things are great for theraputic heat too - they have the same stuff in them as the hot hands packs.

Keeping you & yours in our prayers for a speedy recovery. Keep us posted & maybe someone else can stay a bit safer with the information you share with us.