NACHI bastardizes the profession??

Latest remark on a local Wisconsin organizations email list:

“With being very involved in the home inspection industry for years both state wide and nationally It is my opinion that NACHI is an association that bastardizes the home inspection professional. I choose not to support and prefer not hear about it’s home inspection activities.”

Any takers to this challenge?

I would take him off your mailing list, immediately.:wink:

Not my list. It belongs to the Wisconsin Assocation of Home Inspectors and the remark comes from a past President (ASHI, NAHI member) who also still sits on the board of directors. There are others who do not take such a position.

He’s entitled to his personal opinion about NACHI, I suppose. Ask him if he would care to hear Nick Gromicko’s personal opinion of NAHI?

I guess it all boils down to how much weight one puts behind personal opinions and the pre-judgments that form them. I have a feeling that, as ASHI and NAHI continue to decline in membership and significance, you will be hearing much more such outputs of grief.

What is the significance of this guy’s personal opinion that prompted you to post it, David?

I do recall someone posted a very nice message explaining why they are a member of NACHI and I think they were a member of ASHI too. I wish I could find that post. This guy has started a feeding frenzy and it would be nice to kill him with kindness and irrefutable logic.

Jim ,
Thanks for all the effort you contribute to this cause - it is appreciated.
I don’t disagree that “laws” will find their way to a particular bias. As Andrew says, you cannot ignore their existence or they will certainly go the way of the special interests groups. The question is “what to do about them?”
Florida HI’s, as we have heard through this board, has been successful at defeating legislation - and as soon as they tire of the fight they will lose i suspect. At this time will they have anything left in them to fight the fight to make the best possible law? I really do not know the answer but I do know that we (as a population) think “losers” don’t have the best ideas.

I was not aware that NAHI was a satellite of ASHI - thanks for that bit of info. While i find myself defiling some of the motives of NACHI, I am thankful for all are of the great services they provide/perform - could we be successful in pulling their (NACHI’s governing bodies) motivation back to reality. That is, continue to server its members without attempting to create an “elitist” preception of the organization and it members. I joined NACHI because it asked that I prove my worth first, and then put up my membership money. This gave them (NACHI) credibility. BUT, then I hear of the CMI and tier’s of membership and I sadden because a great service is now be manipulated to serve those who consider themselves “superior” to all others. This is where ANDREW’s point comes in “…the market regulate those who are qualified?” Jim, I feel that this is your core belief as well - right? Nearly 25% of respondents share this believe by the survey, but probably 80% would agree if this were the only question.

Bottom line: Andrew says “…HI’s in those states MUST do the work…” there is not option - I agree and I think you do as well. So, do we go the way of Florida - hanging on by a thread - or do we contribute to make the best law possible, never losing credibility, and stay on top - or hope create a good law after we have been labled “loser’s” (assuming that time will come?)


I think the problem is that ASHI has defined the “industry” in its own image - an image that a majority of HI’s in North America do not agree with (or ASHI would have the majority membership.) You are right - win them over with kindness, we have no need to insult them, they will have their opion regardless. Facts are: ‘the majorities (or big money) win!’ :smiley:

There is nothing to refute David, all it is, is a “sound bite”. Unless you want to take the name calling route the knucklehead used to start this discussion.

Bitchification comes to mind.:twisted:

You’d think if the guy was the President of an organization, he’d be able to write a correct sentence! Oh wait a minute, I guess the lack of english skills don’t preclude anyone from a Presidency at any level. Sorry, didn’t mean to get political.
It is a problem though when people use their position in an organization or administration to promote falsehoods and fallacies, because people who are either intellectually lazy or willfully ignorant, will continue to spread the lies and at some point those lies take root and it’s hard to eradicate them.
I really was commenting on the quote and the guy’s attitude toward NACHI but it’s interesting how this works on so many levels.
OK, I’ll go away now.

But wait - don’t go away. Can we put our heads together concerning the proposed Washington State law to regulate our HI’s? See posts under “Legislation.” Same to all of you Washingstate HI’s.