NACHI Benefits

I just received an email that list the NACHI benefits it
has for members. Here a couple:

**Your information listed on real estate industry’s most
popular sites

multimillion hits per month

**My questions are this…

Where is MY INFORMATION listed on popular real estate sites?

Where is MY CONTACT INFO listed on 1000’s of websites?

Can someone provide the links to see these sites?

Try this link John…

Mr Bowman,

I went to many of these domains listed on the link you provided.

Several were no longer being used or being updated.
And NONE had ANY of my CONTACT INFO listed.
(except for the CMI site where I am listed)

So again,

Where are all these sites that have MY INFO listed on it,
as stated in the benefit news letter just sent to me?

Did the email list of benefits give us a mis-print?

Your name showed up when I punched in Crockett Texas. I guess I don’t understand your question. Is it perhaps you are taking the literal wording and applying it only one way.

I agree, who ever drafted that email could have worded it better. NACHI has many url’s that will lead to you, or something like that.

Would it not be better stated that…

“Members CONTACT INFORMATION can be found
from NACHI inspector search engines which are
located on many sites… and NACHI advertises
on many popular sites also.”

I do not think MY CONTACT information is listed
on 1000’s of NACHI sites, or real esate sites.

I like the truth…

If I am wrong, I would be pleasantly suprised to see
MY CONTACT information on 1000’s of sites. Please
provide the links to show me this wonderful news.

If someone signs up based on the idea that their
CONTACT INFORMATION will be listed on 1000’s of
sites… they may be a little upset when they find
out is was just “sales talk”.

Not a good way to start a relationship with an
organization that is suppose to stand above the rest…



The author of the email erred in their message. Your beef may be with the author and not NACHI. Check with Russ Spriggs (I believe he is the author), and discuss your concerns with him.

No big deal… thanks for your reply.

Thank you NACHI for all the benefits.

Hi, guys-
I’ve written the past issues of the Benefits Newsletter.

Actually, Jeanne Considine wrote this one; she’s drumming up interest among non-members to join NACHI, during a brief period of unemployment (she was downsized out of a job this past 9/11, of all dates!).

We know how NACHI’s site has some rather grandiose claims at times; that’s where she copied the info from.

I’ll watch the copy a bit more closely in the future, if I don’t write it myself - sorry about any confusion there!