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Dear Nick,

My name is Steve Henderson I am the owner of 1st Choice Home Inspections. I have been an inspector in Texas only a short time. I have 12 years prior experience as a home builder.

*I have been following all the marketing info that I can find on your website. And i want to thank you for such a great job. I recently got a case of NACHI binders. I copied all the suggested documents added a few of my own and had Kinkos print it all on card stock with their high end laser printer. I began passing these out to the most successfull Realtors, when one lady phoned me and said that there was three other ladies in their office wanting a notebook. Wow people asking me to market to them , amazing. I went and met two of the ladies at this office which just happens to be one of the largest in my city. I spoke with them about doing pre listings and offered to do one complimentary for them. They loved the notebook so much they asked if they could show it to their broker. Of course i told them sure . Well long story short I have now been invited to give a presentation to all, around thirty REALTORS in this firm. I wanted to ask if you have any specific info that i should use . Also I was thinking of spending most of the time promoting pre listing inspections. Which according to the REALTORS in this area no one else is doing them. Yea. Any info or realtor testimonials about pre listing inspections would be greatly appreciated. *

*Steve Henderson *

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