NACHI booth at Century 21 Expo in Asheville, NC.

NACHI member Edgar Roberts of Altamont Inspections will be manning the NACHI booth at the Century 21 Expo in Asheville, NC on August 23, 2006.

Thanks Edgar!

Cool- my old stomping grounds (Black Mountain, solar-powered retreat I owned).
Wouldn’t mind getting sent there to help out with a meeting.

Great going, Edgar!

Good going Edgar

Effective June 12th I will be living in Valdese NC and would love to come keep him company for the day or part of it. Please email me directly if I can be of assistance. Roy D Cooke Jr.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Everyone,

It’s Angela, Edgar’s (pleeeeze call him Eddie) wife, business partner and biggest fan.

Thank you so much for your support. We’d love to meet anyone who can stop by and say, “Hello!” The event will be held on Wed., Aug. 23 from 1-5pm at the NC Arboretum in beautiful Asheville, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Thank you, Nick and office staff, for lending us a NACHI tablecloth for our booth.

Black Mountain, huh? We’re in Fletcher, about 30 minutes from Black Mountain. Eddie just inspected a million dollar home in Black Mountain that had a 43 pCi/l Radon reading… yikes! Probably could use a solar-powered mitigation system. (wink-wink!)

Valdese?!? I grew up in Hickory, next door. Home of furniture, textiles (until the jobs were shipped to Mexico!) and round-track racing… birthplace of NASCAR. Best of luck to you, Roy… and your new home!

Angela Roberts
Altamont Inspections, LLC

Angela, I’ll be just off the Outer Banks (East of them a couple miles) this coming weekend.

Nick, the NC coast is just as wonderful as its mountains. Are you going to be able to visit the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse while you’re at/off the Outer Banks?

I normally stay at sea but I was there when they were slowly moving Bodie, that was amazing.

I used to live near Fletcher. :slight_smile:


Small world! When did you live near Fletcher? Did you have a home inspection service here?