NACHI booth at N. Puget Sound Association of REALTORs Golf Tournament on Aug 3, 2007.

Booth manned by NACHI member Travis Hirst.

Thanks Travis!

Awesome! I’ll stop by! :slight_smile:

Love to see ya there. Being new in the business I want to meet as many inspectors as I can. They are a wealth of knowledge. You may also get in on some of my locally famous smoked pulled pork sandwiches that I will be serving at the 5th hole at the tourney. Hope to see ya there.


I see it is the North Puget Sound AR. Which course are they holding the tourney at and what day is it?


Travis, since you’re new you may not know about my cookbook I’ve been “slowly” putting together. But I’ll get a link to it, it’s in the Member’s Only section, and I’m asking each inspector who wants to contribute to send a recipe or more than one, and you’ll get a full page plus a full facing page bio, logo, and advert for your business. There will be free PDF copies for each NACHI member and then they will be sold in full color hard copies for you to give as gifts to clients or realtors or family and friend’s.

Long story short, if you would like to put in your pulled pork recipe I’m sure it would be great advertising for your business. :slight_smile: Not too mention for my cookbook! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing you soon! :slight_smile:

Thanks. The tourney is in Burlington, wa and it is being help at the Skagit Golf and Country Club. As for the cookbook send me aome more information on that, it sounds like a great idea. Thanks

Tourney was a big success and the pulled pork sandwiches were a huge hit. Had about 30 pounds of pork shoulder that smoked in my smoker for 24 hours before the tourney. I fed close to 130 golfers sandwiches and hopefully generated a little business along the way. Great fun was had by all. Here is a little picture of the booth and thanks to Nick for use of the NACHI tablecloth.

Golf Tourney 002.JPG

Golf Tourney 002.JPG

Golf Tourney 001.JPG