NACHI booth at Tucson, Arizona Board of REALTORs meeting.

NACHI member Ron Dilorenzo of Copper City Home Inspections, LLC [FONT=Arial][size=2] will be manning a NACHI booth at the Tucson Board of REALTORs meeting on May 10, 2006.

Thanks Ron!

I will be there.

My name is Robert Lavoie and I am new to the inspection business aswell as NACHI. I like to attend this meeting and speak to fellow members. Please e-mail me the particulars on the meeting and if I may help in any way.

My wife and I went. Ron did a very nice job representing NACHI and HI in general. The booth materials that were sent from NACHI were great!!!

Todd we missed you.

Great job Mark!

I forgot all about that meeting and the sad thing is that the TAR sent me an email reminding me about it.:neutral: