NACHI Canadian Goof of The Year

NACHI Canadian Member of the year 2006
The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !

dunce (Small).jpg

Ray… Gil is spelled with only one “L”

Perhaps Gil is short for Gill. You know like Nick is short for Nickiford or John is short for Johnathan, etc.

This time he used his full name. :wink:

It is so unfortunate Gil had a great thing going with Nachi and he lost it with his own greediness.
I guess he is having trouble getting Wendy and Joe to spread his BS he is now back to doing it him self.
He is so jealous of my success in doing home inspections it really does upset him.
his jealousy shows up and many agents tell me how he wishes I would just go away.
Sorry Gil this year I so far is my busiest
You could have been the NACHI member of the year in 2004 I nominated you and Rat was the seconder but you and Cam just got swelledheads and felt you could run NACHI .
When this did not work you got mad and tried to destroy NACHI Canada .
Well as many can see NACHI Canada is doing well thank you .

Roy Cooke

Hi Nick, I am not Gill. Its someone else who can’t spell.

Did you know the anonym of Strachan is TRASHCAN? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The photo has an uncanny resemblence though! :slight_smile:


Even Nick knows it’s you Ray! :mrgreen: :cool: :roll:

Wendy you are having a Midol moment. Are you taking the Midol orally? Its not meant as a suppository ya know! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Gee Wendy seeing you are getting information again are you back to talking with Dave or Gil again.
Seeing as you are getting information how about bringing us up to date on the Canadian National Certification .
I have received some infomation and would like to get some confirmation.
You seem to know a little about Canada and do not mind sharing your info.
Thanks Roy .


Seems you can’t read Roy/Ray.

I’m just going by Nick’s post here. LOl!


I think you need to double your dose of Midol. :slight_smile:

Wendy is just so happy when she can spread info .
She is just so happy when she can spread BS .
I bet if she was on a farm she would just get rite in the pen with the pigs and lay down in the poop.
She just trolls this BB and loves to make a post on any thing she is an instant expert in all but working .
She will do what ever she can to get any thing for free.
She is just a big sponge and try to cause difficulties any place she can .
Life must be so boring when she has to troll many other BB to get the free stuff and even sympathy makes her feel good.

Poor Wendy the lady? who’s word is worth nothing.
She follows me around like a lost puppy.

Roy Cooke

Wendy’s a lady? Okay, but does she know that?


It’s only the first week of February, but I know what you mean. Most NACHI inspectors ARE apparently at home after 9:00am on any given weekday, mucking around on bulletin boards, and anticipating their best year ever. LOL!

Sorry I didn’t get your message until 12am this morning Roy. I was too busy working and making money. I’m glad you obviously had extra time to hold down the fort here on the BB cuz I sure haven’t had much time to spend here lately with all the money I’ve been making.

Thanks Buddy! :wink:


Do you give receipts for cash?

Is that really all the better you can do?

Sad…very, very sad…

sssssssh you’ll spoil the silence!

You had a great thing going with OAHI and lost it with your own stupidity. If you weren’t such an annoying idiot, I’d probably feel sorry for you getting fleeced by Gromicko. Of course you’re far too stupid to notice, and much too annoying to bother feeling sorry for.

Dear Trashcan

Are you implying that anyone in Oahi who plays the game is safe? Or anyone who questions the actions of Oahi will be booted or blackballed? I think you mean the later.

Of course OAHI looks like they are FLEECING the flock considering he accounting and books are being witheld from the members!

Dave you need to get your facts straight! As usual you only tell one side of the story!