NACHI Care Package

NACHI staff is putting together a “NACHI Care Package”. This package consists of vendors products, catalogs, sample software, tools, video’s, books, gift cards, etc. This package will go out to any member/ non-member who wishes to receive a package. NACHI gets calls and emails every few minutes with people interested in getting into the industry or switching over to NACHI. With every call or email NACHI gets we will ship out a “NACHI Care Package”. These packages will also be distributed to all the schools in the industry.

The weight of the box’s will be significant therefore we have to add a small fee in order to receive a package.

$10.00 per box for a NACHI Member

$20.00 per box for a Non-NACHI Member

If you are interested in receiving a NACHI Care Package please email
Deanna Willis at

In the email include:
Your name
Phone #
Shipping Address
Method of payment

What kind of tools Dee? :slight_smile:

Tools are expensive no matter how you look at it. They are hard to come by when the vendor is just giving them away for FREE to thousands of Inspectors. I am still working out a deal for the tool thats included but do not expect anything big and expensive. I have a list of 477+ vendors, if half of thoughts vendors include something thats a big package worth couple hundred dollars.

NACHI staff is just starting to put the packages together and the response from the vendors is huge.

sounds cool Dee, my request is in the mail.
Thanks for all you guys do for us.

Do you accept Paypal payments Dee?

When will these packages be going out?

I should have the rest of the stuff from the vendors end of next week, so… give me 2 weeks before I start sending. I will right the address on the box’s as the emails start to flow in, so nobodies order gets lost. I already have one box with Steve’s name on it.

You can pay for the packages by:

Sending in a check made out to NACHI


Any major credit/debit card - visa, master card, American express, discover

Keith Swift’s new book will be included in the NACHI Care Package :smiley:

Keep me posted.

I’m in for 1 (one).

Paypal is a Visa/Mastercard processor and all I would have to do is send it to your email address and you can pick it up from there. If that isn’t going to work, put a box in the corner with my name on it please and I’ll send you a money order.


I am quite sure Dee knows what paypal is…


How’s my credit?


My email is on its way Dee… Thanks for this great offer. ITs going to be like a Christmas gift from Nachi in away. :smiley:

count me in Dee:D

Thanks for the excellent work as usual Deanna.

NACHI, beyond expectations and a step ahead.

Great idea - i’m in for one!
My $$ is on the way. NACHI sure goes above & beyond! :slight_smile:

order sent!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know the status of the NACHI Care packages? I sent an order in but never received a response on how to pay.

I haven’t received mine yet either. as far as paying I just sent a check along with my order.

Its taking forever to get the stuff in from the vendors.
Pro-Lab just put there shipment of stuff to me in the mail yesterday. We have been waiting for the vendors to ship there stuff so we have something to send you. Just when I think I can start packaging stuff the Colorado Post Offices closed tell after Christmas because we are in a blizzard.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…