NACHI "CE" opportunities in Ga. 2007 ??


NACHI.TV is coming, I know, but we need classroom opportunities in Metro Atlanta, as well as other areas in the state.
We sure hope you are working on more offerings in 2007. Gerry
Beaumont provided an excellant two day seminar back in early November. We hope to get that calibur of instructor again, in the future. I know Earl Beahm has been working tirelessly, trying to get us the quality programs we need to grow to the next level(s).
I am speaking for myself, as well as other members of Atlanta and other Ga. Chapters, when I say thanks for what you and your staff have done. Please, keep it up.

Greg Veal
proud to be a CMI


I’d be happy to bring Certified well Sampler to Georgia whenever you’d like. Perhaps late January or early February would work.

8 hours, maybe on a Saturday or Sunday.

Call me.