NACHI Central Virginia Chapter Formed

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Chapter Release-

This is for all members of the NACHI within 250 miles of zip code 22802.

We have just formed the Central Virginia Chapter of the NACHI and are in the process of getting things together for our first meeting.

Some of the highlights so far will be :

1.) NEC Code Changes- 1999 - 2002 and how they will effect the home inspector.

2.) Guest Speaker- Real Estate ( top seller in central va )

and many other things.....

I will also be conducting a BASIC Electrial Theory test on site to help explain some of the basics of electrical workings for members that are interested in broadening their electrical knowledge.

We are also hoping to get NICK to speak and so on.....

If anyone is interested in assisting in the planning and are in our area please contact me at and we can get together.

I will be posting the update to this first meeting very shortly.

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