NACHI Chapter in Myrtle Beach, SC

Monday, July 10th. 5pm-8pm. All are welcome.

Looks like a star-studded evening, Shane; congrats & best of luck with your grand kickoff!

Right on right on Russ. Thanks man. You do training don’t you? I plan on having Gerry and a couple other cats at our 1st couple meetings for training. Looking forward to it.


I think Certified NACHI Training is doing something in you area also in like August I believe. I think its Aug 19th as I am speaking on Electrical Inspections for Home Inspectors at the event.

Should see more posted on it I believe in the weeks to come.

Sounds good Paul. Keep me posted. I am hoping that the sun and golf will prompt people to want to come to Myrtle Beach to conduct training. Florida is too much of a drive. Thanks.