NACHI Chapter Listings



Hi John
May I copy the chapter links from your web site and place them on the Southern Colorado NACHI web site.

You missed the Olympic Peninsula Chapter in Washington State John. It was on the list last time I checked.

What is the URL, Wendy. I’ll get er on there.


Thanks John.

Thanks for getting these up there. I need a boost in the buns to get it updated. :slight_smile:

Ps, you might want to tell Cyndy that her membership is still showing as expired when someone clicks on it from her website. I’ve said something and Lisa has too, but it’s still like that. So I don’t want it to affect her business negatively. Thanks.

Thank You!


I probably missed quite a few. Hopefully Chapters will let me know. Sorry if I did not find you when I did a Google search.

**Inactive Chapter, had only one meeting 2 years ago. **

Hi! John;
Big TYPE O in the beginning of your post CHAPER fix it big guy.

Thanks, Len. Fixed.


Not all my meetings are advertised on NACHI but they are held nevertheless because they are standing meetings. So maybe this guy just doesn’t advertise them?

Thanks John
List is now posted at

I have not spoke with him in about 6 months but, the last time I did speak with him he said it took too much of his time and it cost too much up front to put on the meetings.

The last time I talked to him was when Pro-Lab contacted him and asked him to put on an Advance Mold Class. They also contacted me. They never did have the class… They wanted us to do all the work for the event but, it would have cost us more then they were willing to cover for the expenses.

Anyway, he USPS me all the information he had (Originals) for contact lists and stuff that he received from NACHI National. I had more up to date info. For a mater a fact I still have the envelope with everything in it, in my file cabinet next to my computer.

I do have to admit I have not looked at his or his chapters website in about 3 months.


Will we be added some time soon?
We have been around for just over 1 year as of last week!

We have four meetings per year, in St. Louis, and our chapter has not been listed.

Give me the URL, I’ll get er on there.


Will add yours first thing in the morning. Yours too James and anybody else that chimes in.

Like I said above, your sites apparantly didn’t come up with a Google Search, or I missed em. No harm, no foul. I know that there is one more in New Hampshire, but I can’t remember the name of it. Additionally, I know of another one in the Pocono’s, but I don’t know the url.

Our site was since 2004, but Roberta just dumped us. My new one is not finished yet. I’ll email you the url when it is done.