NACHI Chapter VP teaching "How to be an Expert Witness" course, Livermore, CA, Jan 27

With all due respect to Rolland the chapter VP, isn’t being an expert witness one of those areas of the business where you’re either good enough to be one or you’re not? A class designed to teach moderately skilled inspectors to become an expert seems a little scary IMPO.

Erol Kartal
Pro Inspect

The class isn’t teaching you to be a good inspector, it’s teaching good inspectors how to offer expert witness services.

I’ve attended several “expert witness” seminars, never aspired to be one, and always learned something, if only about human nature.

The thing I see that happens to inspectors who start doing expert witness work is that they often forget that they are supposed to be an expert witness for the truth, not a biased advocate for the side that is paying them.

I have a solution to this problem: Require that each side agree to pay for 1/2 of each expert witness called regardless of who calls him/her.