NACHI Chicago announces results of recent election.

23 MAY 2006

The Chicago Chapter of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors announces the election of new chapter officers.

The NACHI Chicago Chapter is an association of Licensed Illinois Home Inspectors organized to promote the profession to the public, while providing continuing professional development to its members.

The NACHI Chicago Chapter holds monthly meetings, open to members and non-members. Realtors , agents, lenders, homebuyers, sellers and anyone interested in the quality and condition of residential properties are always welcome to attend.

Attend one of our meetings to learn more about the benefits of NACHI inspectors.

The Chapter membership extends much deserved congratulations on a job well done to the Chapter Officers whose terms have expired and best wishes to our new officers.

  • Will Decker from Skokie, Chapter President
  • Pat Kelly from St. Charles, Chapter, Vice President
  • Albert Leleika from Aurora, Chapter Treasurer
  • Rod Roeske from Lombard, Chapter Secretary
    Scheduled for June 15th, our next meeting is at the Holiday Inn, Hillside, Ill at 6:00 PM. $25 dinner charge. Spouses attend free. The Hillside Holiday Inn is located at 4400 Frontage Rd Hillside, IL 60162 Call (708 544-9300 for directions to the Hillside Holiday Inn.

Congrats to all - Well, Will, once again you have a high profile!

Congrats Will…The Right Man…for the JOB…:slight_smile:

Congratulations all and Congrats Will!!! You worked hard for it for sure!

Just pray for me. I will need it.

Not that the Chapter does not have a great bunch of people, nor that the other Officers and the Board of Review are not outstanding (they are).

The great philosopher, Groucho Marx, one said, “I would never be a member of any club that would have me for a member.” I doubt my abilities, but hope that I can measure up.

These people really deserve it. And Russ’s shoes will be hard to fill.

I’ll pray for you.