NACHI Chicago August meeting notes

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Per popular request, here are the notes from NACHI Chicago’s August Meeting.

From now on, they will be posted in the web site.


Chicago NACHI meeting, August 18th, 2005

Chicago NACHI had another excellent meeting on August 18th , 2005. Thank you to Russ Meyers and Will Decker for their dedication and leadership skills in organizing the meeting. Thank you also to all the members who showed up to share their ideas and opinions and help shape Chicago NACHI. A variety of topics were discussed and more decisions are being made as the Chicago chapter continues to take shape and grow.


It was suggested that in order to make scheduling easier for the members of NACHI that a regular day and time be set for the monthly meetings. Thus allowing members to plan further ahead for the meetings. Upon discussion it was decided that the membership meeting would be held the third Thursday of every month (barring any holidays or other circumstances that would affect certain months), at 6:00 p.m., at the Holiday Inn in Hillside. We realize that this may not be conducive to everybody?s schedule, but hope that all members will make an effort to attend the meetings.

Mock Inspection

Chicago NACHI has managed to arrange for a Mock Home Inspection for any home inspector interested. This is a great opportunity for any inspector looking to sharpen their skills or for new inspectors to get their feet wet. We have found a person willing to allow home inspectors into their home to do a mock inspection. Several NACHI Chicago inspectors have gone over the house with a fine tooth comb and noted every possible defect as well as adding several mock defects. Once completed the written inspection would be handed in to NACHI Chicago. Several inspectors would be available during the inspection for helpful suggestions and then afterwards would go over the reports and offer constructive comments on inspections and report writing. The cost for the Mock Inspection would be around $20.00 for NACHI members and $40.00 for non-NACHI members to cover the time and expenses for setting up the house. The dates for the inspections have not been set yet. There will be notification sent out once all the details have been finalized.

Continuing Education

NACHI Chicago is working on a variety of continuing education classes. We are in the process of working with People?s Gas to arrange for their two 6 hour courses at a greatly reduced rate of only $50.00 a course for NACHI members. These are two separate courses but the second one is contingent on the first. Day one can be taken alone, but day two can not be taken until after completion of day one. Also in the works are an electrical course that has already been approved by the State of Illinois and NACHI for 6 continuing education hours, and several shorter courses on varying subjects. NACHI Chicago strongly believes that continuing education for its members is extremely important and wants to make it as affordable and accessible as possible. Keep checking back for further details.

Name Badges

NACHI has come out with new magnetic name badges. Any member who does not have a name badge should go to and fill out the form. There is no charge for the name badge. Help promote yourself and NACHI while adding a professional touch to your appearance.

Promoting NACHI

Ways to promote NACHI throughout the Chicago area are being discussed. We are in the process of placing an advertisement to run in the Chicago Tribune. Keep your eyes peeled for it. As a nationally recognized organization it?s important that our name is known and realtors recognize our professionalism. To help spread the NACHI name it?s suggested that you add ?NACHI member? to your brochures, business cards, web pages and any other advertisements you might do. Remember, by promoting NACHI your promoting yourself.

There are many exciting things going on with NACHI Chicago. ?The journey of 1000 miles must begin with a single step? (Lao-Tzu). Every NACHI member in the Chicago area should make that first single step and come out for the September meeting. Together we can walk that 1000 miles and make NACHI the premier name in home inspection in the Chicagoland area.

Will Decker
Decker Home Services
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