Nachi Colorado Election Meeting Minutes

National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Colorado Chapter

Minutes of a General Meeting

July 19th, 2006 6:30 PM
CB & Potts
555 Zang Street
Broomfield, Colorado 80020

Meeting is brought to order at 7:15 PM by Bryant H. Wetzel, Secretary

Mr. Wetzel, (acting as President), announced the opening of a general meeting for the purposes of nominating candidates and opening the floor to candidate statements, biographys and methods of conducting the vote on line through the NACHI.ORG Members Board.

Mr. Wetzel introduced Mr. Nick Gromicko, founder of NACHI and Krystal Wright, Communications Office. Both in attendance for this meeting.

Mr. Wetzel took the opportunity to speak to the membership and outlined the responsiblilies and time commitment required to conduct Nachi Chapter business. He outlined the dedecation to NACHI guiding principles that is required to help others in the organization.

The floor was opened for nominations:

Bryant H. Wetzel was Nominated, seconded and voted as candidate for Secretary.

Candidate Biographys were made public as follows:

Tom Rausch: Candidate for President:

I accept the nomination for the next President of the Colorado NACHI Chapter.**
Having been a full-time home inspector within the State of Colorado since 1998, I thoroughly enjoy this occupation. Over the years, I have mentored many individuals in this exciting profession and it has always been exciting for me to see each the achievement of others in this business.**
My career began in construction several years ago – I built my first house in 1983 and have been involved in construction and building maintenance ever since. I am an ITA graduate and have approximately 4,000+ inspections performed. This is not to say that I have seen everything - I am still learning to do this job better - as each of you knows, each structure, each component and each client is different and thus, the never-ending complexities of our jobs unfold day by day. I continue to do 2 – 3 inspections a day, while writing my first book on Inspections and also helping out the NACHI head office in the coordination of Inspection Training Events around the country. In May, 2006, I was asked to be the International Educational Events Director for NACHI. We are starting with our first Seminar, here in Denver, on June 21st, 2006 – full details can be found at**
NACHI, in my opinion, is the one home inspector association which can be defined as “cutting-edge, think-outside-the-box and growth-oriented”. It is an organization where they literally have the ability to put wheels under your thoughts, beliefs and dreams. For at least a year, I have wanted to become involved with the local NACHI organizations in some sort of a leadership position. Thanks to fellow inspectors like you, a few weeks ago, I was nominated for the Presidency of the Colorado State Chapter of NACHI – it was quite an honor and I thank each one of you who made it happen.**
If elected, I promise to put a very high priority on leadership, education and Industry awareness. The results of great leadership are growth and Chapter effectiveness. The results of great education are self-confidence and success in business. The result of market awareness is growth in our current market share due to increased visibility to Realtors, Builders and other industry-related professionals – which means more business for everyone.**
I am very committed to this organization and have a driving desire to fuel its continued success into the next election period and beyond. I am grateful to the present leadership and understand that it is up to this next leadership team to carry their work forward. I want to personally thank Phil Gage, our current President, for his guidance and current leadership.**
Thank you in advance for your vote. I will not let you down. Communication is a key priority to all business success and I look forward to keeping the doors of communication open at all times. Your ideas, thoughts, passions and dreams are important to me and as a result of my leadership and the leadership of others at the State level; we want to work with you to make you and our Chapter more successful.**
Thank you for your time and consideration.**
Tom Rausch, C.M.I.
President, Eagle Inspection Associates, Inc.
NACHI Certified Master Inspector, #05090471
Office: 303.948.1800
Cell: 303.910.1129

Kent Shepard, Candidate for President:
*Hello NACHI Colorado members, I’m Kent Shepard and I’m a candidate for President of the Colorado chapter. *
I’d like to introduce myself and explain what I’d like to accomplish in the next couple of years as President of NACHI Colorado.


  •        I joined NACHI **Colorado** at their second meeting in 2004 and have served on the Board of Directors since Jan. 2005.  I’ve been involved in bringing training and speakers to **Colorado** meetings. I also serve on the Global Education Board of InterNACHI.*
  •        I founded the Peak to Prairie Inspection Service in 2001 after 30 years as a tradesman and contractor and graduating from ITA. I held a B-1 General Contractor’s license in **California** and have lived in **Colorado** for 16 years. *
  •        In 2003 I wrote the Jobsite Phrasebook English/Spanish series for the National Association of Home Builders’ publisher, Builderbooks. *

View my books at
View my website at [](

  •        I’m involved with developing inspection methods and protocols for homes built using alternative building methods such as logs and straw bales. In addition to research into relevant areas such as mold fungus and wood technology I work with organizations like the International Log Builders Association, The Log Homes Council and the Colorado Straw Bale association.*
  •        I share an office in **Boulder** with an architect, an interior designer and the **Boulder**  **Green**  **Building** Guild.  *
  •        I’ve recently been asked by Craftsman Books to write a comprehensive book on home inspection. Negotiations are currently underway.*


*I’ll work to continue bringing low-cost training in a wide and interesting variety of inspection subjects to Colorado inspectors. *

I want to see members improve their marketing skills and build their businesses.
Much help is available through NACHI that many of us are unaware of. I’ll bring in Russ Spriggs as a speaker. Ensuring that members understand their benefits is his NACHI job.

Kent Shepard
Peak to Prairie Inspections
Boulder, Colorado

Jim Michael, Candidate for Vice President:

I accept the nomination for the next Vice President of Colorado NACHI…**
I am a retired military officer that fully understands the necessity to develop strong teams and tight knit groups. I was appointed to the rank of Warrant Officer in the Army, which means that I worked my way up from the bottom, starting as Private E-1. I progressed through the ranks with honors and by my eighth year, I was selected by the Secretary of the Army to become a Warrant Officer. Less than ½ of 1% of the people in the US Army become “Ground Warrant Officers”.**
I had the honor of graduating every military class with honors, and being trained with the best systems and structure now built into every aspect of my life, including what I have brought to the private businesses I have worked for and to my own company, (1st Choice Home Inspections).**
Upon retirement in 1997 I worked for some general construction companies as VP and Operations Manager for two separate companies. I also was the Operations Director for a manufacturing company in Denver. And finally as the General Manager for COIT Cleaning and Restoration Company… (I have a lot of experience on mold, mitigation, and procedures thanks to this company).**
I was brought into the companies to build their business by growth measures and to establish systems that improved the bottom line for each company. I was completely successful with each company!**
I finally decided to build my own business in January 2005; I figured that sailing my own boat (even a small one), beats sitting at the helm of someone else’s large ship… So, 1st Choice Home Inspections came into fruition… ***
I am committed to being a productive member of NACHI by providing the guidance, business experience, and technical ability needed by our members. The structure I possess will assist this organization to better manage meetings, training topics, and grow our membership… (It’s embarrassing that Colorado NACHI does not have the best program, after all, NACHI is headquartered in Boulder).
I will proudly and honorably accept the Vice President position for Colorado NACHI when elected.**
Thank You,
Jim Michael
Jim Michael
1st Choice Home Inspections
Providing the Peace of Mind You Deserve!
303 920-7276

          As there were only four candidates duly nominated for  Colorado Chapter Officers a poll was taken of candidates and those present.

          Kent Shepard withdrew his candidacy for President with the statement that he felt personal time constraints would be a hindrance.

          NACHI Founder Nick Gromicko was consulted and it was then resolved that the election process had provided the Colorado Chapter with enough candidacy to form a leadership team. As no further candidates were offered a quorum vote was taken and the results were unanimous: 




A general discussion session was opened and members ate dinner and talked about the inspection industry as well as new and very exciting developments in Colorado as well as the rest of the nation. Topics of discussion were:

Sample Reports
Possible continuing education with RHEEM officals.
Home Depot involvement with NACHI
Open Houses
Carbon Monoxide tester calibration at NACHI meetings
Radon Proxy Tests
Continuing Education through NACHI
CD meeting for distant members
Building Permit issues and services (look for an announcement on this)
CLUE Report (look for an announcement on this)

The meeting of the Colordo Chapter of NACHI was closed at: 8:44 PM


Mr. Sam Flowers, member

Mr. Bryant H. Wetzel (typist)

Bryant - nice job and thanks go out to Sam Flowers, as well.

Tom, Be the first in your state to get me out to speak at a Chapter Meeting.