NACHI Convention - Electrical Questions

Hey Guys,

As many know I will be in Canada for the National Convention doing some seminars. However, the most important part is you have my attention for 2 days…so bring your questions for after the seminars, bring any pictures you have and were afraid to ask or bring BEER…heck I don’t care but I will try to meet as many of you as possible and put some names to the faces and finally meeting this man they call Nick Gromicko and some guy named Joe Farsetta and all those people I talk to on the phone and have never actually met…I hope anyway unless they dodges me…:slight_smile:

I would love to meet Gerry there but I think he is mad at me…I think…hell I dont know…:)…bring your A$$ up Gerry I got a beer waiting for ya mate…

Just wanted to say guys…I look forward to meeting some you all and again bring your questions…and I look forward to meeting many new faces.