Nachi Convention For 2008?

Is there going to be a NACHI Convention for 2008? Thank you, Tom Fisher

Shhhhhh… :cool:

There may be a FREE interNACHI convention coming in Vegas
in a few months… but don’t tell ASHI or that other little assoc. :wink:

John is correct.

Nick and John,

Thank you for the information. Tom Fisher

Got my passport last week…Las Vegas here I come!

Just in case they Give away a TRUCK again I wish you all the luck .
That would be fantastic. Enjoy …Cookie

Oh that will be cool.
Im looking forward to that.

Look forward to meeting as many members as I can.

Stop by my booth and say hello.

When is it???

I do not know if the Dates have been set yet but if they have been I expect they will not be released till the other conference halls have been booked .
I think the reason is because previously they gave out the dates early and another Association went and booked one week early to try and cause grief to the home inspectors trying to decide where to go and what date …
… Cookie …
A good reason to wait a while if you remeber last year they did not give out the Dates to soon.

Thanks Cookie, I hope it’s durring the winter so I can go somewhere warm!!!