NACHI Convention in Toronto

My personal preferance would be Edmonton or Calgary.

JUst getting it back to the top:)

I would definitely attend a Canadian convention. Seems Ontario will be most likely place and it has the most members. What about Halifax, Nova Scotia? Its pretty hard to beat Nova Scotia hospitality and the amazing landscapes…

OK Halifax sounds good too:D

I’m with Rodney ! There’s no place like “down home” even if you weren’t born there ( and I wasn’t!).

Are there any lobsters left?:mrgreen:

Exactly 1 hour after your post I was in the local Superstore buying the last three!! What a deal…$5/lb!!

They were live directly from the fisherman. I had been there 2 hours before and they were sold out but the young counter attendant said they had called for more…voila…I now have three to be consumed soon!!!

Jeez…if you had the convention in Halifax, I might have to go. The CAHPI AGM/Convention was here 1+1/2 years ago.

NO Halifax sounds too good not to have it here!!!

Gotta promote the homeland!!

Live lobster are advertised here at $4.88/lb in supermarket!!!

Bought some for Mother’s day and they were delicious…

Brings back memory when I went to PEI many years ago and took advantage of an all you can eat Lobster buffet establishment.

Needless to say, it no longer exits.

Someone catching them locally???:mrgreen::mrgreen::roll::roll: That’s a good price!!

That’s quite a loss leader for the supermarket considering the transportation costs. Here they were only a few miles down the road!!

Burp!! Just two for after work tomorrow.:p:p

Are they oily? Or just BP’d!

Just wondering as I was eating my bottom-dwelling crustacean, Marcel: lobster is cheaper where you live far from the producer…and I’m on the edge of the ocean with lobster essentially in my backyard. Are we subsidizing Quebec’s lobsters???:mrgreen::twisted:;-):wink:

No…that’s not why they’re cheap!!!

Oil hasn’t hit here …yet!!

I think they come from NS…:mrgreen::twisted:;):smiley:

488 $ lb / 10,76/kg
+Shopping List](
homard vivant

live lobster
1 - 1 1/4 lb

same as last year

Halifax sounds like a good idea actually.I would be up for that.

A InterNACHI convention in Alberta would be a great idea, I’m sure the members from all over would love to come to Calgary, Edmonton or other places in Alberta for the best hospitality in Canada.

Might as well have it in Gatineau…lobster…and beer is cheaper there!!

I can go to Gatineau anytime, it’s just over an hour away, I haven’t been down your way since I quit trucking 2 years ago. I loved travelling down there, picked up fish in Lunenburg for Alberta alot. I need a good excuse to come down again.