Nachi convention

Hi to all,

I was just looking at the convention site, to see if anyone was daft enough to sign up for my classes :wink:

Boy, was I surprised, most classes are better than 50% full and the manufactured homes class has 3, yes 3, places left open (thats out of 80 seats). thanks for the support.

Please pre-register for classes if you are attending so Paul and Aimee can juggle the schedules if needed to accomadate all who wish to attend.

See Ya’ll there



Sorry folks

For those that himmed and hawwed around and didn’t sign up for this primo session.

Saturday 1:00 PM
109 - Manufactured Homes
3 hour session covering, the construction methods involved in different types of manufactured housing (Mobile, manufactured & modular) and the specific issues related to inspecting these structures.
G. Beaumont
Class Full

It’s totally full. Also several other sessions are just about at the same point.

Now, if i can get about maybe another 50 people wanting to take this session and really learn a few things about mobile/mfg/modular housing get a hold of me, or better yet send an email to What I will try to do is to find us a classroom later in the event. I expect this to be one of the big hit sessions for this year. I know Gerry has put a ton of work into this one class.


Way to Go Gerry!!! And you thought we didn’t love ya! :cool: