NACHI decals

I use just the NACHI ‘doghouse’ that I emailed the logo cutter as a .png file. He could make it any size I wanted.

I wanted it to ‘fit’ in the rear cab windows… :smiley:

Truck Pic.JPG

Thought I might add, yes my windows are a ‘tad’ too dark…

Makes the black/white contrast thing so much nicer to look at…:mrgreen:

looks nice Mike. I would be able to cut them any size also. I think Nick just wants to get an idea who is interested and what interests them most. thanks for showing your van.

It’s a Ford F-150 Lariat… but Thank You for thanking me.:smiley:

I’d like couple of the NACHI ‘doghouses’ (like the clings had) the “Proud Member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors” below the houses…but without a (.anything) file to email to him he 'd have had to make it up. I wanted the ‘clings’ but in a 7 year vinyl…

No luck yet…