NACHI discount with Liberty Mutual Insurance

I just receive a letter stating a 10% discount with Liberty Mutual Insurance because of being a NACHI member. I threw it in the trash.

Liberty Mutual Insurance did not make sure I got paid as promised for writing a mold remediation protocol, over a year ago. It was a big newer house with some major problems. I lost a week’s wages and several hundred dollars in lab fees. If they have no problem not following through with making sure I was paid, as promised to me by their adjuster, than they will have no problem denying claims.

Everybody just be careful dealing with Liberty Mutual. They burnt me good!

Email me the details of the issue and I will see that Liberty Mutual pays you.

Wow, thats pretty damn cool…

Thanks Nick!

They also screwed the mold remediator some, and I will get the total they still owe her also. I was about ready to take the Liberty Mutual to court. It will cost them more money to send in a lawyer to this rural county to defend the case than what they owe me.

Let me have a shot at it first.

I just got a post card from Liberty Mutual offering the a NACHI affiliated discount again. I threw it in the trash also. They are going to sucker me only once. I feel like a fool for trusting them in the first place. I had that feeling that I should not trust them. I should have paid attention to that feeling. Sad but true.