NACHI education, It does not surprise me.

It does not surprise me why InterNACHI is so successful.
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Certain members contribute reams of educational material.
They never stop contributing to InterNACHI.

I was looking for an egress narrative and up pops a face I admire, for many reasons. I suspect a tempered soul.
Thank you, Kenton Shepard. Just what I required.
Inspecting Means of Egress in
Residential Dwelling Units

I agree Kenton deserves kudos for his hard work, but and for the record, Kenton is an InterNACHI employee and is compensated for his work, which is not as you infer!

Another failed attempt to attack others by Robert Young!

Looks to me the attack is on your part Jonas…
“I will not be stalked by Jeffry Jonas any more”
He was making a compliment to Kenton’s contributions and you decide to take the low road… Typical.

Happy to help, Robert.
Actually, I’ve never been an InterNACHI employee. I serve as a director and promote InterNACHI in a number of ways, but I’m a private contractor.

Are you compensated by InterNACHI, CMI, Nick, or any other affiliation to the above, in any way, including bartering, for your services rendered to InterNACHI, CMI, Nick, or any other affiliation to the above?

Don’t you think doing this work is not being compensated? He is making a living off of it. And he is a great contribution to INachi, whether an employee or contractor. Still being paid by Inachi.

That is absolutely my point. Kenton’s post infers that he may not be compensated. I was attempting to… for Roberts sake… bring clarity and “transparency” for his understanding.

Most of my income is from my writing, which means from inspectors who buy my work. Sometimes I produce work that InterNACHI is interested in buying or that they commission me to do. My relationship with Nick and InterNACHI is mutually beneficial and somewhat informal.

So much drama lol

Look who started the thread. Explains it all.