NACHI electronic agreement

Please can someone let me know how to create an electronic agreement using the confirmation code instead of the e-mail address. Sometimes I have difficulty in getting the Client’s e-mail address before I conduct the Inspection. I would like to create an electronic agreement that I send to the Realtor, who in turn can then forward it to the Client. Thank you!
Gary Williams

Hi Gary
why don’t you save the agreement as a pdf file and send it to the Realtor. I have done this on numerous occasions. You can also have your electronic signature on the document. You could also post a blank copy on your website, and trust them to fill in appropriate information (cost of inspection may be problem). Anyway, hope that helps.
John M. Wickline
JW Home Inspections, Inc.
Hilton Head Island, SC

I always request my client to print a copy from my website, sign it, and bring it to the inspection. They almost always do. I always have a copy with me, just in case. No signed agreement, no inspection. (Also eliminates the “I didn’t have time to read through the agreement” beforehand defense, if it were to ever go to court).