NACHI Find an inspector notification

Does anyone know how to retrieve your messages when you get a lead from the find an inspector calls?

I got a call when I was driving and just before the phone number was read the call was dropped and I was disconnected now that I am home, I did not get an email either…is there another way?

Check your junk mail box. If the email is not there it is because you have a bad email address in

Nick - Yes I checked my bulk mail box but still no email, I also confirmed my email address was correct and it was and is…so is there another way to find who the caller was?

My staff uses the system to get me to call them and it works every time. I get a computer voice that leaves a message, but if your cell phone cut out, you may have lost it.

I recommend every member check and put in their own phone number to make sure it works.

Hey Nick,

Thanks for the reply, yup I lost the call. Every since cingular switched to AT&T I have been getting horrible service on my cell. Does the call me now service send a email also or just a computer voice call?

Thanks Bob

What is up with AT&T with the dropped calls and the late voice mail? I been having problems with them too.

The AT&T dinosaur tredeth slowly through the marsh.

AT&T is a corporate monster. I have lodged several complaints to no avail and the service keeps going downhill. The last complaint I lodged they told be that if I upgraded to thier latest greatest phone it would solve my problem. Well to upgrade it cost money and on top of that I would have to enter into a new contract. So, I have decided to not do any thing except spread bad pr about the loosey service since they switched to AT&T.

Anyone else having a problem with AT&T, lets get together and lodge a group complaint…not that they care…but what could it hurt.

Same here. I’ve noticed that recently, whenever I’m “in the boonies”, I have no service or maybe one bar. Doesn’t that translate into a decision to not use relay services they have no control over? I know squat about the cell biz, but SOMETHING is up with them. I’m getting voice mail messages two days late in some cases.

I was an AT&T Wireless customer when Cingular bought them and there were the same problems. Why? Because they were on 2 different computer systems. They were having problems integrating the two services. I finally got a new phone and Cingular service and the problems went away. Still, this shouldn’t be happening now, because there shouldn’t be that problem. :roll:

Nick I tried that and no response. I went to my web site and tried and got this>

Have Christopher Currins Call Me

Unable to connect to phone service at this time. You can always call this inspector at 6185609986

When I check my own number it has a 1 in front, didn’t notice that before.
In my profile it only allows 10 numbers, not sure if this would matter or not.
It did work before, and I haven’t changed anything. I also have AT&T.

No problem for me, YET. I’ve had Cingular/ATT for over a year. I had Verizon and couldn’t even get service at my own home, and I’m not even close to being in the boonies.

Everyone I’ve know that had Verizon service said that once you got outside of the Perimeter, it was hit and miss reception. :roll:

I got a lot of dropped calls with Cingular when I switched from my Samsung to a flip phone (which the Cingular guy tried to talk me out of). With the flip phone calls from my home were dropped on a regular basis. I’d have to go outside to make and keep calls. I called Cingular and bitched and finally switched back to “the old workhouse” as the Cingular guy called it. I don’t look as cool as I did with the flip phone but I haven’t had a single dropped call. I now have the Treo 650 Smartphone and get some interference in “dead zones”.

Members actually get leads from this?:shock:

When it works. :o I have even though it has been over a month. My phone is not the problem, no email to me or the person that tried to contact me. Three different people no response to me or them.

I didn’t know we had this, I just tried it and it worked.


Where you been, you can put this on your web site. it’s worked for me, untiil today.

I dunno. I ben ra chere da hol tim:D

No one has called me on it. Wait, I did get one phone call…it was me calling myself. dang.