Nachi Forum Comes Up On Google Searches

I just Googled THERMAL IMAGING IN HIDDEN VALLEY LAKE CA and this was on the first page of Google:

[li]I love letters like this… - InterNACHI Inspection Forum[/li]

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in order to utilize my Fluke thermal imaging camera more efficiently. Services Hidden Valley Lake, CA (707) 987-9970 E-Mail | Web

[li]Thermal People in Hidden valley lake California - The leader in [/li]

Furthermore, if I Google my own name, Byron Duerksen, 3/4 of the way down the first page my post on the NACHI Forum is available with one click.

How is this confidential? Nick said it’s impossible but apparently it isn’t.

You may have filled out something under the guise that it was confidential, but Mr. McKenna took it upon himself to post it publicly.

Anything posted in the public areas of the message board will be found by search engines. If you want this to be erased, you will have to contact John directly. He is the only one who can edit his own posts…

As Jeff said anything posted in public areas of the message board will be found by search engines.

This thread is viewable by the public. So what’s posted here will also show up on Google shortly, if it isn’t already.

A good reason not to respond if you become angry/agitated.offended. Cool off as the world will be able to see what you typed. Better to type calmly.

This forum is open to the public, but others are private and for members only. The good thing about it though is that every time you post something in this open forum it adds back links to your website, if you have it included in your signature that is. The more links especially from a site message board like this increases your rank on search engines. So post away with care. If your pissed about something or your worried about sounding like an idiot there are members only boards here.

Nick was probably talking about the Members Only forum.


Another good reason to post in the public forum if you want your home inspection website to rank a bit higher.

Yup, and it apparently works very well, my website was on page 11 of Google last month & now i’m on the 2nd page. I try to post as much as possible, I sign up for every free home inspection or real estate forum possible and post articles. Plus with free search engine directory submission sites I’m moving on up

Problem is there are so many factors that help, you have to keep on all of them as no one knows exactly how google works, but all the factors in there. you always need to tinker and adjust your site, and yes these back links do help.

While I can’t say for sure. I think the message board is a big reason why I am ranked third

Probably, but like Mike said they’re so many factors, you have to stay on top of all of them, I recently realized how much work it is, but it’s worth it.

So Juan…

Which way are you inferring…?

You think the message board is a big reason why you are only ranked third?


You think the message board is a big reason why you are already ranked third?

Going back many years…
The NACHI BB was created with SEO in mind…

It is no coincedence…

I don’t think many people use the word only when talking about a third place google ranking…I have never asked but I think most people would be content with third.

As long as the first two were not my competition. :slight_smile:

Juan, never be content. even if you’re number 1. Be number one by a greater margin, or number one with another keyword too.

IMO, you are either going up, or down, you cant just be content and be on your spot with anything. stay hungry my friend!

Actually, we get those questions here often… “I did this, but I am still *only third *on Google searches. Why?”

Now that Google is only showing an average of 7 results per page, Third is the new Tenth!!! :shock::wink:

I guess I misspoke. I am obviously hungry and passionate. I not only want to be first but I want be second and third as well. I just meant that in my statement I don’t see how “only” would make sense. I was crediting my MB activity with the partial success of my quickly top ranking site. A stinking ASHI search website and another home inspector search site ate ahead of me. I am listed on them both

Thank you to all who responded to my surprise at seeing my post on the Google search. Anyway, I was not pissed. Not at all. I was extremely happy with the Thermal Imaging class. Apparently, I don’t know how to post privately and confidentially. No matter. I am very pleased with all the educational opportunity presented by NACHI. One tiny thing I noticed though, in the upper right corner where my name appears and when I joined, it states I live in Kelseyville, California. FYI, I haven’t lived there for three years and yes, I did update my profile after I moved to Hidden Valley Lake. Let’s all optimize our websites. That’s really driving my business.

Byron Duerksen