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Hi all,

Just thought that I would drop a note. The NACHI Foundation has been offically approved by the IRS as a 501(c) Non Profit Entity. We have been classified as a Private Foundation as opposed to a public Charity. The main difference being that the foundation will get most of its support from NACHI and its members not the general public. All Donations to the Foundation are still tax deductible. The biggest difference between the two really exists there. As a Foundation, only 30% of your income is deductible as opposed to 50% if we were a public Charity. However, I don't expect anyone to be giving that much. I hope that in 2004 the foundation can be put to some really good use and do some good for all.

As far as who is on the Foundation, I will lay out everyone:

Me of course, as the foundation Director. More about me here I hope to have pages made for the rest of the committee soon.

Paul Sabados, Blaine Wiley, and Scott Pope have all volunteered to be on the board or committe to help oversee the foundation.

Also I have recruited one of my students that I teach as a PR/Marketing person, she has agreed to volunteer her time to the Foundation and help develop a positive image. Her name is Nylse Ortiz. Not only is she a great marketing person, but bilingual in Spanish and could be of real valuable use.

Right now the foundation is looking for some smaller non profit organization, that are in our area of expertise, that we can develop relationships with and help out over the years. If you have any ideas please let me know.

As of the moment, we have helped out a non-profit called "The Clinic". The Clinic is a non-profit medical facility in the same town as the headquarters of NACHI. The see about 50,000 patients a year from all over the mid-atlantic region. Each of these patients pay only what they can afford to pay. We have donated $1800.00 which will be used to treat about 700 patients over the next few months. Although this clinic is not in the HI related field. They are a commendable clinic and probaly going to be the model for future clinics to open in the country.

Thanks to all...

Gary (Snicker's) Johnson - Free NACHOS
The NACHI Foundation
Executive Director


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Gary check out this site.

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