NACHI gives PowerPoint projectors and PA systems to chapter heads.

Instead of paying the ridiculous $17,000.00 the convention hotel tried to charge us for merely renting the PowerPoint projectors, PA systems, and wireless microphones we needed for our 6 classrooms, we went out to Best Buy and Sam Ash and bought them outright for under $10,000.00 then gave them away to chapter heads after the convention was over.

We plan on buying 8 more projectors in 2006 to support local NACHI chapters.

:twisted: Thats right Nick give em hell that place sucked. Oh yea where’s my truck dude?

Jeffrey L. Harness
All American Home Inspection
Chicago Chapter

Chris doing it online, here, in a week or so. We had so many attendees we were unable to get a physical ticket in each person’s hand but can issue them a number without error, electronically.

There was mention of it at the Convention (quite lyrical :slight_smile: ) in your ‘note’ Nick.

Will there be a separate registration for the drawing or did convention registration and attendance constitute ‘getting a ticket’ for the raffle?..


Now that is a great idea and use of funds.

That’s A Great Idea!

We really do not need a sound system up here (yet), but Idaho & Eastern Washington (“Inland NorthWest”) NACHI Thanks NACHI HQ for the gift of a PP Projector.
That will make our monthlies much more interesting and affordable.
Thanks, Nick!


Please put the Chicago Chapter on this list. We could certainly use this system, as we rent each month.

We certainly could use a Power Point projector system in Michigan. I just developed a PPT Presentation that I’ll be using on a CD to play on a DVD/TV setup at the local Home & Garden Show, this next weekend. However a TV would be difficult to use for a classroom setting.

By the way…How was the convention? I hope to make it next year.

Russ I think the Chicago Chapter would be very appreciative to Nick and NACHI for a power point system. Especially with all the work Mr. Will Decker did at the Orlando Convention to help it succeed. Do you concure?

Jeffrey L. Harness

Rental is about $250. per day here. If the Chapter had one It would make for more professional meetings for sure. Count us in Hawaii as requesting one if available.



Russ & Will did wonderful work in Orlando, for sure.
I’m surprised you guys don’t already have a system?
Didn’t you all pool together for advertising - I figured you were all squared away.
We had always limited ourselves to guest speakers who already had their own projectors, & brought them. We haven’t needed a speaker system, so I’m glad that went to someone else who could use it.

Great idea.

The Atlanta chapter would certainly appreciate and put to good use a powerpoint projector.

We have a presentation every month at the Atlanta Chapter and would put a powerpoint projector to great use. Thank you for all your help. We sure can use it!
Please send one to:
Earl Beahm
183 Stoneforest Drive
Woodstock, GA 30189

For those who are interested in a Power Point projector and may be purchasing their own…

Believe it or not (with the technology we have today) they are now coming out with pocket sized projectors.

Hi! Nick;
If you ever have a extra P/P setup our chapter could put it to good use,

Regards Len

It’s a Brit thing!
Let’s sic Gerry onto them . . .

That looks cool, I wonder what the price will be

$800.00 - $1,000.00

U think ? did not find it on the site