NACHI has the corner booth at the Toronto Real Estate Trade Show on April 24-25, 2007

Visit the beautiful corner booth #700 at the Toronto Real Estate Trade Show where NACHI will have a 42 inch plasma TV showing various PowerPoint inspection presentations. The show will be at the same Toronto Congress Centre as NACHI’s upcoming Convention. Booth manned by NACHI member Allan Spisak - Owner/General Manager of ACISS Home & Commercial Inspections

Thanks Allan!


I hope this is not the erroneous message that will be told at the booth?

Gee this guy did not take long to be convinced that OAHI is the way to go
I guess The BOD will get a chuckle out a NACHI member in a NACHI booth selling how great OAHI is

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Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI Member

I stand to be corrected but isn’t Mr. Spisak a National Certificate Holder too?

Too bad I missed this show. Hopefully another one will occur in the near future.

Hi Dave!

Quote from ACISS site “Furthermore, once Canada has instituted the new National Initiative for Home Inspector Qualifications, all Inspectors will be required to meet the educational, training and experience requirements set for this new certification.”

The keys words in the above quote is “Once Canada has instituted” This is never going to happen. Education and labour standards is a provincial responsibility and any encroachment by the feds into their jurisdiction will be met with very strong objections, especially from Quebec and Alberta. The feds can propose or recommend but it is the provincial governments that have to enact it to become law. The National Building Code is a case in point. It is recommended and each province passes it into law and adopts it as regulations with revisions that fit local conditions.

I would recommend that ACISS remove this quote from your new site as it is not a true statement now and never will be.

He has had it on his site for quite awhile it should be corrected considering it not truthful.