NACHI helping NACHI!!

At the beginning of February I ended up with an injury that put me in the hospital for a week and another week of not moving much at all after that. As we all know, anytime off work means no money coming in and also the jeopardy of losing valuable leads and referrals. I needed to get back to work, but was still suffering.
Gerry Beaumont happened to give me a call and I told him what was going on and Gerry offered to help me out where he could during this really hard time for me.
Thanks Gerry for all your help. Without your assistance I don’t even want to think of where I might be right now with my business.
Thanks mate!

You’re a good man Gerry B.

Way to go. :slight_smile:

GOOD JOB!!! Gerry

Good for both of you guys. Keeping the brotherhood strong, well done.

I often call numerous inspectors on this board when I have a specific questions. Gerry is one of them. He always takes the time to answer my questions.

Over the years I have become friends with many on this board.

Just recently Marcel helped me with a Certainteed course and took the time to answer my many emails.

Jeff Pope is always helping me out and always returns my calls and emails with the answers

There are numerous other inspectors that have helped me out.

Thanks everyone!!

Gerry! What are you thinking! Don’t you realize only Christians are allowed to selflessly help other people?

Nice going to you both. I myself have refered one of my clients to a fellow NACHI member and have been unsuccessful in trying to find out who my clients went with so I could touch base and thank him/her personally. The day the inspection needed to get done, my whole area got 3 ft of snow and I was unable to make the trip. Any ideas on how to find out who did the inspection without becoming a complete pain in the butt would be helpful.

hey Kevin, I slipped what can I tell you :wink:

Really the thanks go to Scott, he had inspections and needed help, I was slow and needed money (Scott was more than generous) Plus it was fun to work with another old friend, sometimes we are way too isolationist.



Gerry gives me a call from time to time also.
Thanks for all the help and advice ,Mate.