NACHI Home Store: A retail home inspection store (might be a first).

The NACHI Home Store will open in a mall in Denver next year. We’ll have products such as safety products, mold tests, indoor air filters, smoke detectors, microwave oven leak meters, water tests, and an entire line of home related books and literature (including local member’s literature).

We’ll be promoting pre-listing inspections, annual check-up inspections and ancillary inspection via We’ll also be promoting the use of NACHI members to oversee any construction projects people are contemplating via We’ll also be promoting healthy indoor air quality via And of course we’ll promote good old fashioned home inspections.

Although I’m hiring a staffer to man the store, it will be open and free to all NACHI members (we have a big Denver chapter) to man it any time they want to. I have some ideas to get plenty of foot traffic through the door so that our members have an opportunity to get some leads.

The store alone will likely lose money, but if we generate a certain amount of inspection leads and work from it, it might work. We’ll give it a whirl for a while and see how it goes. If it goes well, we can try it in other cities with other chapters.

NACHI Home Store

Nick, why not advertise the NACHI Home Store as an “encyclopedia” for home owners, where consummers can go for information and schedule specific inspections or appointments to trouble-shoot existing problems. It could also be taken on the road, and should certainly be a presence at conventions, etc.

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How does one go about adding selected items on when you pull up your name??

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I submit a similar idea to Nick about a year ago along the same lines. I still think as your self that this would be a great educational idea not only for the public and home inspectors, but as well for the local governments.