NACHI in the news.

Nice news report, looks like the 2nd inspector does not use a computer report I never saw him use a camera either.

Correct Carl, but then again I take scribble notes onsite with photos and then complete my computer repoort back at the home office.

And also, that is not to say that a non-digital report is inferior to a digital. Although I prefer the use of a computer, I am still of the opinion that the report is only a reflection of the inspectors knowledge…as has been said Bad Data In = Bad Data Out

My biggest problem with the news story is 2 fold:

  1. That’s NOT a NACHI member!
  2. The News Stations Inspection Matrix does not state our main thing…and that is the ONLY assoc that requires members to take a test UP FRONT.

Hello Harvey

How did you know he was not NACHI, when I see you at a Florida Chapter meeting can I take your Hummer for a spin!!!:cool:

I have a recent Florida Members DB…after not finding him in it I turned to the Featured Inspectors link (it has the UP-TO-THE-MINUTE stats)…then not finding him in there I searched Thomas Inspection Services in Tampa, visited his site and learned there that he was an ASHI guy.

As far as the Hummer…it may still be but a dream for now, however may happen and if so…Sure!

Now I know why you are the main man in the new Florida Chapter and I am but a humble member