NACHI inspection group selected to do TV series.

NACHI Members, Chicago based, Home Analysis Group, Inc. was recently selected by BETS Networks, a New York based TV series production company, to perform Home Inspections on local properties in which TV series will be filmed.

The Home Analysis Group, Inc. recently completed an Inspection of a local site, a new construction, 7000+ square foot single family home, located in the downtown Chicago area, in which the TV series " College Hill "
will be filmed.

The Inspection process requires an extremely through Inspection, documenting the present condition of the property, systems, and all components, and a second Inspection at the end of filming.

The first of these Inspections, in which over 450 documenting photos were also taken, took nearly five hours to complete, at the end of which time the Film Line Producer exclaimed " you guys are amazing".

The Home Analysis Group, Inc. looks forward to many more of these Inspections.

Watch for the first of these TV series " College Hill ", which will be aired this fall. The credits will include the Home Analysis Group, Inc.

Home Analysis Group, Inc. is headed up by long time NACHI member and Certified Master Inspector Russell Myers.

Congratulations Russell Myers!

Thanks to Russel and all the rest of the group .
Just one more fine example of NACHI ROCKS.
I am so glad I belong to such a group who help all, all the time .

Congrats Guys… way to go!!!

Big congrats, RM - I imagine we’ll be seeing the NACHI logo . . .??!!

Way to go, Russ.

Pretty busy in your retirement. :smiley:

That’s great! That will really get NACHI out in the public eye. It’s always other groups on these shows and now we’re finally breaking into the field.

Great job guys!

Wendy, FYI: The biggest home inspection show on TV (Home and Garden’s House Detective) is hosted by a NACHI member.

Okay, but it doesn’t play off that way in credits or anything. So this will be good if we get into the script and all. Ex: “Nachi Certified Home inspectors The Home Analysis Group…” etc…etc…
That’s what I’m referring to. We need some serious exposure.

I was interviewed for a TV show and they actually took it to the thing up in France where they determine which shows will make the cut and which won’t for pilots, etc. and there were two inspectors, myself and one other gentleman. I think possibly the other one was a NACHI member from Vancouver Washington, but not certain.
I haven’t heard back, and I don’t know if that’s because they didn’t pick up the show, or because I didn’t make the cut. I need to send current pics because I’ve lost about 40 pounds since I sent those pictures to Julian.