Nachi inspection video and flipping houses w/foundation problems

NOT crapping on Jim, no… just bringing up a couple things
From… 35:15 — 37:35 horizontal crack rusted rebar, wall is pushed in
I know, he recommended a SE, got it sheesh.

Epoxy will not remove, relieve any of the weight against the foundation wall so patio or not, bye bye, part of it that is. If it’s a concrete patio then it can be saw cut.

The rusted reinforcing steel needs to be removed, cut out.

I’d never recommend epoxy for anything like this. Let’s say the wall was NOT pushed in at all or very little, that doesn’t mean it won’t bow in some in the future months, years. So do it right the first time.

Weight of the patio pushes down on the existing soil causing lateral movement of the soil transferred to the F-wall, not so much if the soil is all sand.
But who knows, sometimes there are underground tree roots against a wall and they, or if its clay soil, needs to be removed to relieve, lessen the weight- pressure against the wall. Epoxy doesn’t do that.

There are some concrete contractors who actually tie rebar INTO a foundation wall, they’ll drill holes etc into the F wall and put the rebar in the holes thinking that will keep the slabs from settling lol. It puts more weight on-against the wall, can cause cracks, problems, just saying. Am sure Jim is one of the best HI’s eh.

Flipping homes that have foundation issues.
2:30… he talks about negotiating with contractors, fine… try all you like. With me, it costs x-amount if you want it done right, no short cuts.
He says $12,000 for all 4–walls, okay fine.
Did the contractor waterproof all the walls? Not damproof, waterproof.
Did the contractor backfill with most–all gravel or did they backfill with crap?
You want it to LAST, right? Most flippers do NOT care, they just want it done CHEAP and have it look good for a little while, long enough to sell it
Some of us give people the best quote at the onset, don’t need to play, negotiate with all of us.