Nachi iphone app

I used to have the nachi forum app on my phone. I went looking and could not find it at the app store. Does anyone know where to download it again?

i have it installed on my Iphone but it stopped working yesterday . Gives an error saying it cant connect to NACHI.

Nobody uses the app. Website is better.

Just checked mine again this morning - still not working…

Hi -

The app hasn’t been supported for a while, and now will not work at all with yesterday’s server upgrade. We’re looking into new options for the forum and a better app for mobile use. In the meantime, you can create a bookmark on your phone for viewing the forum - that’s the best solution at the moment.


Oh bummer… I got use to using that every day.

Thanks for the update, at least I know im not crazy. Well maybe a little…

whatever the new solution is can we have it in an android version ? i dont understand why Nachi only supports apple .when android has 80% of the market

I like using the website version better on my phones and tablets. I tried the app and it only showed some topics and wasn’t user friendly for me.