NACHI is going to China

[FONT=Arial]**[size=3][FONT=Arial]Dr. Merrell and I (NACHI’s Director of Corporate Relations) have been invited to speak before the entire delegation in China later this year for which they will fly the NACHI delegation to China to host a series of courses on Inspection and Valuation issues, and start more NACHI Chapters in China. The Chinese delegation presented Bill Merrell with The Yellow Crane Tower Plaque, a respected symbol of their Province in China, and prosperity for those who receive it.

Quote from Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D.: "I was honored to be asked to speak before this delegation. I was impressed by their professionalism and their thirst for knowledge. The event was a great experience! I am honored by the opportunity to meet with their entire division in China”

**The Chinese Delegation from Hubei, China (near the Yangtze River) from the Government Offices of Hubei Provincial Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspections (HBQSI) who met with NACHI Representative Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D. (Merrell Institute, Bohemia, NY) The Chinese delegation learned about licensing regulations and quality control issues which Licensees face on a daily basis and the process involved in entering these fields. **

Further information about the Trip to China will be announced as plans are finalized. It is expected that the Chinese Delegation will pay for the NACHI Delegations expenses to China, and Dr. Merrell as volunteered his time to present the courses they require. As information is finalized, NACHI Members will be notified. This event will not require funding from NACHI and the Chinese Delegation will benefit from Dr. Merrell and Deanna Willis donating their time to the success of the event.


Great Post- I am looking forward to the trip to China- even though it will be major travel to get there

Do you need some one to carry your bags for you? I can be your body guard too.:mrgreen:

While you’re there, find out if Chinese mothers are telling their kids to clean up their plates…out of respect for the poor starving children in America.

I want to go with you.