NACHI Laptop Skin

Hey Nick, I want a NACHI laptop skin, whatdaya think about that? :slight_smile:

Brian, sounds good to me. It would be a great protector for the laptop

My laptop came circumcised. I didn’t know there was an option.

oh man.

Maybe Nick will send you a NACHI sticker…that’s about the only “skin” you’ll get. :stuck_out_tongue:

You must be thinking of a different type of skin! :stuck_out_tongue: Those skins don’t do crap to protect a laptop, it’s decoration only.

Good idea Brian!

You are so funny Linas!!:smiley:

I want Mario’s avatar. It’s the coolest in NACHI.

Thanks Joe!
When we meet I will scan your head with my camera and you can have your very own!!

I’m sure it’s in the makin’ now. :wink: You should have sent this idea to him with a PM so you could get in on the cut.


I am confident that my more than ugly mug may break your equipment.

Stop it. I have seen pictures of you Joe and you are a handsome man.

Can you give me the dates of the Commercial course for Toronto? I’m sure that we can fill the class.
Thanks Joe

Just help with scratches only. :mrgreen:

You do mean an InterNACHI skin, no?

Will Handley

[Progressive Inspection Service](
NACHI Member


about a dozen would cover the top of mine

There ya go…you’ve been “skinned”, your laptop at least! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had this one on one of my laptops for some time now.
I get a lot of comments on it…

Just created mine…