Nachi management

A few years ago, we developed an inspection management system to bid on a large state contract for our members to get jobs. It seems that the idea may see new life as some vendors have sold our data. I have received interest from Nick Gromicko in reinstating the program to include all of the functions of those vendors which can be controlled on your nachi control panel. The program may either be factored into your membership or added fed like the buy back guarantee. The pilot program never got rolled out, but and interested in learning about member interest. Yes, this would integrate with our software vendors, and no, we would not sell client data. Please let us know if your intetested

Be interested in learning about the features the program would have. As I have always said, NACHI needs more tech geeks adding more features onto NACHI. Chris and Tim have a good start but their workload is just to heavy to get a big program going.

It would have all the features an inspector would need and more!

ISN never linked to the NACHI home buyer newsletter, which will be nice not to enter in data twice.

make sure you bring this up in our first meeting

This is clear as mud.

There are a lot of hours of analysis and development by some talented folks in ISN. It’s not something someone is going to replace in kind in a couple of weeks, especially as a part-time venture.

There are dozens of CRM systems out there that could replicate ISN, and are likely, far more powerful.

Infusionsoft, salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Nutshell, NetSuite, Act!, TeamWox, the list goes on an on.

It’s just none of them are tailored to Home Inspections business, and would require set up time. Set up time that is likely too expensive for the one man inspector to set up.

But if someone who had the right knowledge and time were to set up the template with-in one of these platforms, it could be replicated and sold.

ISN is wonderful and very powerful, but, outside of being customized for home inspectors, it’s not entirely unique.

Interested, heck yes.

The key for me if ISN is far more than a scheduling system for me. It manages my entire Real Estate agent database, my news letter, my revenue, etc.

In order to switch, I would need a viable way to upload all that content into a new system without having to enter it in one agent at a time.

IF this moves forward, please keep us informed.

ISN is a great tool at a reasonable cost, but they couldn’t pay me enough to sell or release my clients info to a third party.

What happens if ISN does not give you a way to move your data in one chunk?

When is the meeting scheduled?

They have always had a way to download all your agents into a .csv spreadsheet (and I have).

The only question is would any future system allow me to upload that.

The question nobody is asking… WHY was this program not utilized in the past? If it was, where is the data from that time period? Who is WE? Why is Nick asking YOU to reinstate what you seem to infer is a Nachi program?

As many questions about this program, if not more… than ISN.

Now go ask Dennis Bonner if that has any relationship whatsoever to what he was talking about, which is what I was responding to.


Well Gnat has already jumped into the fray. Damm spellcheck. :slight_smile:

Is Nick gonna hire Dan?

The problem with having multiple systems doing different things is you have to enter all agents in to each system, which creates double the work, and then keep track of making sure all systems have the same data (which is a headache). I dumped mail chimp some time ago because it was a headache.

The beauty of ISN, or something advanced like Infusionsoft is you only need to enter a client/agent/whatever ONE time, but you can accomplish multiple tasks with said data.