NACHI mebership for Mold guys only???

Is there some way mold inspectors can join - JUST as mold guys or do they still have to be able to pass all the HOME inspection requirements??



From my experience a good Mold Inspector is also a good Home Inspector. When doing an assessment during a Mold inspection one looks for:

  • Proper grading and drainage
  • Downspouts and their discharge (in relation to the foundation walls), gutters or evestroughs (clogged)
  • Foundation cracks (possible water entry points)
  • Roof leaks
  • Plumbing leaks including sewage back-up
  • Moisture issues (building envelope re- human activity, exhaust fans, etc.)
  • Flashing
  • etc. etc. etc.

Additionally, a good Mold Inspector and Home Inspectors should also offer solid advice or corrective actions (due to moisture/water intrusion) to their client. IMO If an inspector doesn’t offer recommendations or corrective actions to their clients the inspection is useless. A Mold inspector can’t offer these recommendations if they don’t know anything about simple Building Science.
Personally, I can’t see how anyone can separate the two!!


Knowing how to properly perform the actual mold test is less than 1% of what you need to know. That is why IAC2 requires InterNACHI membership

NACHI organization and training is great. Our company decided last year all our mold inspector trainees will be required to have 3 years experience before we turn them loose on the public. They will also
[FONT=Calibri]1. [/FONT]Join and complete the NACHI training
[FONT=Calibri]2. [/FONT]Take IAC2 training
[FONT=Calibri]3. [/FONT]Complete AmIAQC requirements and training
[FONT=Calibri]4. [/FONT]Become a CIE
I am impressed with the NACHI organization regularly and hope they keep up the good work.