NACHI member builds page around

Very nice Barry!

In true Nachi tradition, I will point out the most glaringly obvious of the spelling errors. :smiley:

edu and cetification (in the top bar) and order an inspectior (also in the top bar)

:smiley: :wink: :smiley: Keep up the great work! It looks awesome!

To those of you who link to Neighborhood Environmental:

If you add ?ref=YOURNACHIID to the end of the URL, your NACHI ID will automatically be entered in the referral code field. For example:


Great stuff Barry…Most Excellent…

Whoah Paul!!!



What ever happened with this program?


Very simple… I do what’s best for InterNACHI members, period.

Neighborhood Environmental is a for-profit company that I am a part owner in. After looking at our competitor, EDR, I decided that members are best served by purchasing this service from my competitor

No, EDR didn’t pay me to tell you to buy from my competitor. Note the order of the bottom 2 items in this list:

  1. God
  2. Country
  3. Family
  4. InterNACHI
  5. Self

And there are a few in my house that say it’s actually:

  1. God
  2. Country
  3. InterNACHI
  4. Family
  5. Self


Thanks for the update, I’ll change my page.

Around here I’m told we stop at #4 on your second set of order, self comes way down the line after pets, milkman and other incidentals

***What is the cost? ***

The course is $199 for ASHI, NAHI And NACHI members and $249 for nonmembers.

What is the cost per report after the Course Training?