NACHI member/CMI does radio show about home inspections.

For the past 2 years NACHI member and Certified Master Inspector Kevin Grants of Residential Inspection Consultants in Lakeland Florida has been doing a radio show which includes topics about home inspections.

Nice work Kevin!

Radio Inspection Tips:

Tips Used:
[FONT=Times]1. [/FONT]Grout cracks in bathrooms. 4/24/04
[FONT=Times]2. [/FONT]Flashing at roof vent stacks. 5/1/04
[FONT=Times]3. [/FONT]Seal exterior windows. Trim plants and trees away from house. 5/8/04
[FONT=Times]4. [/FONT]Service A/C 1-2 times per year and change the filter. Check ductwork for leaks. 5/15/04
[FONT=Times]5. [/FONT]Radiant Barriers, 5/22/04.
[FONT=Times]6. [/FONT]Vacation home steel water supply lines and humidistat 5/29/04
[FONT=Times]7. [/FONT]Check GFCI outlets.
[FONT=Times]8. [/FONT]Exposed splices. Open junction boxes. 6/12/04
[FONT=Times]9. [/FONT]No call in - Vacation 6/19/04
[FONT=Times]10. [/FONT]Pool bonding requirements. 6/26/04
[FONT=Times]11. [/FONT]Keep roof gutters clean and route downspouts away from the house. 7/3/04
[FONT=Times]12. [/FONT]Check sprinkler system for: broken heads, broken lines, point heads away from structure & heads that need to be raised. 7/10/04
[FONT=Times]13. [/FONT]No call in – CE seminar 7/17/04
[FONT=Times]14. [/FONT]Clean clothes dryer vents. Clean lint screen after each use. Check vents for holes or separations. Vent to outside of house/crawl space. Use proper duct material. Delintz – dryer vent cleaning in yellow pages 7/24/04
[FONT=Times]15. [/FONT]Signs of structural problems: windows or doors that bind. Cracks in walls getting wider or longer. Trees against foundation. Termite damage to wood. 7/31/04
[FONT=Times]16. [/FONT]Weatherproof exterior plug-in connections (landscape lighting and water features). 8/7/04
[FONT=Times]17. [/FONT]Ladder safety. 8/14/04
[FONT=Times]18. [/FONT]Loose toilets & tanks, sewer gases and leaks 8/21/04
[FONT=Times]19. [/FONT]Earth to wood contact: siding, added supports in the crawl, decks on grade. Termite and moisture damage. 8/27/0/4
[FONT=Times]20. [/FONT]Overhead garage door auto reverse safety. 9/4/04
[FONT=Times]21. [/FONT]Electrical ground clamp systems and grounding metal water lines. 9/11/04
[FONT=Times]22. [/FONT]Keep crawl space dry. Crawl space ventilation. Do not drain A/C into crawl. Plumbing leaks. [FONT=ArialMT]Total vent openings be at least one square foot for each 150 square feet of floor area (1500 SF house = 10 sf vent) 9/18/04[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]23. [/FONT][FONT=Times]No call in 9/25/04[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]24. [/FONT]Drain on TPR valves 10/2/04
[FONT=Times]25. [/FONT]Remove wallpaper with downy and hot water. 10/09/04
[FONT=Times]26. [/FONT]No Call in 10/16/04.
[FONT=Times]27. [/FONT]Three way switches. 10/23/04
[FONT=Times]28. [/FONT][FONT=Times]Chimney spark arrestor, clean flue and patch cap cracks. 11/1/04[/FONT]

[FONT=Times]29. [/FONT][FONT=Times]My vacation home sits vacant for several months at a time. When I return, the water always has a strong sulfur smell, like rotten eggs. What could be causing this problem is it unsafe, and how can I keep it from happening? 11/8/04[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]30. [/FONT][FONT=Times]How to prepare for a home inspection – clear pathways, put up pets, etc. 11/15/04[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]31. [/FONT][FONT=Times]Square D AFCI Recall. 11/22/04[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]32. [/FONT][FONT=Times]Blue roof and proper repair. 11/29/04.[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]33. [/FONT]Using the correct dishwasher soap. Run dishwashers at least once every two weeks. 12/06/04
[FONT=Times]34. [/FONT]Radon. What it is and how to fix it. 12/13/04
[FONT=Times]35. [/FONT]Fix a door that will not stay open. Bend the hinge pin12/20/04
[FONT=Times]36. [/FONT]On vacation- no call in. 12/27/04
[FONT=Times]37. [/FONT]Federal Pacific Electrical panels 1/4/05.
[FONT=Times]38. [/FONT][FONT=Times]Life span of household items. 1/10/05[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]39. [/FONT][FONT=Times]Clean faucet aerators. Talk about John 1/17/05[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]40. [/FONT][FONT=Times]Water hammer. Cause and water hammer arrestor. 1/24/05[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]41. [/FONT][FONT=Times]Heat pumps vs. Std A/C & heat. More energy eff. Heat air temp not as hot. 1/31/05.[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]42. [/FONT][FONT=Times]Asbestos siding. 2/7/05[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]43. [/FONT][FONT=Times]Wrap old galv. Plumbing joints with a raged soaked in vinegar.[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]44. [/FONT]Windows – Balance arms. Allen wrench locks not safe for quick exit. Operate from time to time to keep in good working order. 2/21/05
[FONT=Times]45. [/FONT]Do proper repairs: Do not caulk leaking drains, Do not caulk wood decay, Do not mess with electrical repairs, Do not pour roofers tar on roof leak. 2/28/05
[FONT=Times]46. [/FONT]CFL lights and Lumens. 3//7/05
[FONT=Times]47. [/FONT]New GFCI standards. 3/14/05
[FONT=Times]48. [/FONT][FONT=Times]Temp. adjustment on single handle tub and shower faucets. / Hot - cold reversed. / Newer high tech valves save temp. settings for family members. See web site for links.[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]49. [/FONT]Ghosting 3/228/05
[FONT=Times]50. [/FONT]No licensed for home inspectors. 4/4/05
[FONT=Times]51. [/FONT]Underground fuel oil tanks. 100.00-300.00 to pump / 700.00-1200.00 to remove. 4/11/05
[FONT=Times]52. [/FONT]How to size a bathroom exhaust fan. 4/18/05
[FONT=Times]53. [/FONT]Detecting pool leaks with a 5 gallon bucket 4/25/05
[FONT=Times]54. [/FONT]Installing Batt insulation properly. 5/2/05
[FONT=Times]55. [/FONT]Clean A/C system 5/9/05
[FONT=Times]56. [/FONT]Energy use in the home 5/16/05
[FONT=Times]57. [/FONT]Programmable A/C thermostats
[FONT=Times]58. [/FONT]Holiday – no call in 5/30/05
[FONT=Times]59. [/FONT]Transfer switches and wattage use of household items. 6/6/05.
[FONT=Times]60. [/FONT]Composite materials for door frames 6/13/05
[FONT=Times]61. [/FONT]Wire protectors at the panel and overheating breakers 6/20/05
[FONT=Times]62. [/FONT]Fix a loose showerhead stem with expandable foam. 6/27/05
[FONT=Times]63. [/FONT]On vacation – no call in. 7/4/05
[FONT=Times]64. [/FONT]Trim trees from overhead electrical lines 7/11/05
[FONT=Times]65. [/FONT]Vegetable oil in drain traps. 7/18/05
[FONT=Times]66. [/FONT]No call in – truck accident. 7/25/05
[FONT=Times]67. [/FONT]On the radio show 8/1/05
[FONT=Times]68. [/FONT]Washing machine off of the septic 8/8/805
[FONT=Times]69. [/FONT]Four point insurance inspections 8/15/05
[FONT=Times]70. [/FONT]Test your microwave 8/22/05
[FONT=Times]71. [/FONT]Questions to ask your inspector before you hire him 8/29/05
[FONT=Times]72. [/FONT]No call in Labor Day 9/5/05
[FONT=Times]73. [/FONT]Rodent control 9/12/05
[FONT=Times]74. [/FONT]Water heat valve recall 9/19/05
[FONT=Times]75. [/FONT]No Radio show this week 9/26/05
[FONT=Times]76. [/FONT]No Call in. In Las Vegas 10/3/05
[FONT=Times]77. [/FONT]Check flow indicator on the water meter for hidden water leaks. Toilets, sprinkler valves & underground plumbing leaks.
[FONT=Times]78. [/FONT]Saving water by using your dishwasher vs. hand washing. 10/17/05
[FONT=Times]79. [/FONT]Noisy pipes may be from a worn out valve at the fixture of main valve 10/24/05
[FONT=Times]80. [/FONT]Attic ventilation: 1SF per 300SF 11/7/05
[FONT=Times]81. [/FONT]Space heater safety 11/14/05
[FONT=Times]82. [/FONT]Energy saving tips 11/21/05
[FONT=Times]83. [/FONT]Fireplace inspection tips 11/28/05
[FONT=Times]84. [/FONT]Holiday light safety 125/05
[FONT=Times]85. [/FONT]Electric use of holiday lights and other items 12/12/05
[FONT=Times]86. [/FONT]Re-key locks when moving in 12/19/05
[FONT=Times]87. [/FONT]Security lights 1/9/06
[FONT=Times]88. [/FONT]No show 1/16/06
[FONT=Times]89. [/FONT]Stainless steel garbage disposal parts. Min 3/4 horses for better sound insulation. Remove the drain plug for the dishwasher connection. 1/23/06
[FONT=Times]90. [/FONT]Comments about show topic. Houses are not always what they appear to be 1/30/06.
[FONT=Times]91. [/FONT]No Call in 2/6/06
[FONT=Times]92. [/FONT]Stains on vinyl flooring around the toilet and windows. Replace wax ring. 2/13/06
[FONT=Times]93. [/FONT]Installing a deadbolt. Lining up the jamb hole and drilling it deep enough. 2/20/06.
[FONT=Times]94. [/FONT]No tip. Thank the Real Estate Community and the Radio People. 2/27/06
[FONT=Times]95. [/FONT]Recirculating hot water pumps 3/6/06.
[FONT=Times]96. [/FONT]3/20/06 ???
[FONT=Times]97. [/FONT]No call in 3/20/06
[FONT=Times]98. [/FONT]Put water and oil in bottom of dishwasher it not running it. 3/27/060
[FONT=Times]99. [/FONT]Extended vacation check list 4/3/06
[FONT=Times]100. [/FONT]Use spacers to to extend outlets out away from wall 4/10/06
[FONT=Times]101. [/FONT]Different types of pool heaters 4/17/06
[FONT=Times]102. [/FONT]Wood deck maint. And composite decking. 4/24/06
[FONT=Times]103. [/FONT]Go to web site to sign up for a e-home tips 5/1/06
[FONT=Times]104. [/FONT]No call in 5/8/06
[FONT=Times]105. [/FONT]Leak detectors 5/15/06
[FONT=Times]106. [/FONT]June is home safety month 5/22/06
[FONT=Times]107. [/FONT]Holiday no Call in 5/29/06
[FONT=Times]108. [/FONT]One-year home warranty inspection tips. 6/5/06
[FONT=Times]109. [/FONT]No Show 6/12/06
[FONT=Times]110. [/FONT]In Bahamas 6/19/06
[FONT=Times]111. [/FONT]Sistering joist to make a repair 6/26/06
[FONT=Times]112. [/FONT]Using the inspection report as a must be repaired report 7/24/06
[FONT=Times]113. [/FONT]Drilling through tile and smooth surfaces 7/31/06
[FONT=Times]114. [/FONT]“As Is Contracts” 8/7/06
[FONT=Times]115. [/FONT]Solar vs HR¨and photovoltaic shingles 8/14/06

Future Tips:
[FONT=Times]1. [/FONT]A/C duct cleaning – see “word” article.
[FONT=Times]2. [/FONT][FONT=Times]Clean concrete oil stains with pour-n-restore[/FONT]
[FONT=Times]3. [/FONT]Sliding glass doors. Clean & lubricate tracks. Piece of wood in track for security only protects one door.
[FONT=Times]4. [/FONT]Sprinklers?
[FONT=Times]5. [/FONT]Low flow toilets.
[FONT=Times]6. [/FONT]Reverse polarity and other electrical stuff.