NACHI member doing Saturday morning radio show in Chicago.

Please tune in to Radio station 750AM every Saturday morning from 8:30am - 9:30am to catch NACHI member Tim Kerfin broadcasting on a radio talk show program geared toward the Professional Home Inspector / Contractor. He will be discussing codes, various building violations, new products, tools, etc. Call-ins are definitely encouraged.

This station will reach everyone within a 75 mi. radius of Chicago.

Way to go Tim!

wow that’s cool tim!!

Tim’s a good guy. It will be intersting to see if he talks about trade associations since he is also big on ASHI.

Tim is big on Tim.

ASHI/NACHI all secondary.

I have talked to Tim. a couple of times.

He is not interested in being a part of the Chapter here. He ‘Founded’ a Chapter, more than a year ago and had one meeting and then didn’t have another one. When I was newly licensed, I called him a number of times (national directed me towards him, as the Chicago NACHI guy), and he called me back, once. I never heard from him again untill I called him.

Then Russ Myers came along and really did stuff. Thus the Chicago Chapter was really formed.

When I last talked to Tim, he told me that he ‘didn’t have any time’ to help the Chapter.

‘All politics are local.’ So is all support and help and respectability.

Just my own, personal, 2 1/2 cents.

Good job Tim.

At least you had one actual call back, He is very elusive…I know several people that wish he would call them back. :mad:

Will , I too remember when he started the Chicago NACHI Chapter. He elected himself President and vanished.

He still states on his web site that he is the president of the chapter.

Tim’s definitely big on Tim.

I called him just before that “first” (and apparently only) NACHI meeting in May of 2004 (?), and asked if I could help-out in any way. He indicated everything was under-control, and that he’d call if he needed anything.

Here’s how the rest of the brief conversation went:

Chris: “Hey, Tim, do you have any Realtors or Brokers scheduled to speak?”

Tim: “Nope.”

Chris: “Well, I’ve got a broker from a fairly large S.W. Chicagoland C21 office who’s agreed to give a 5-10 minute bit, if we’re willing to feed him and we’ve got time on the Agenda.”

Tim: “Aw, we can’t do that. I’ve got a couple of my Realtor contacts coming, and I don’t really want to offend or put them-out.”

End of conversation.

If he’s still taking credit as an officer or leader of NACHI Chicago, we should sue him or lynch him, not necessarily in that particular order. I find that rather offensive, considering the amount of work the current officers have done and are doing.

Sounds like Tim…
Thats why I won’t tune in.

Way to go,




an apparently selfish person does something and gets lauded.

An unselfish (by popular opinion) person does lotsa good things and is often taken for granted.

So, way to go, Will!