NACHI Member Joe Burkeson Invited on Radio Talk Show.

Tune in 5-6 pm EST
Wednesday May 16, 2007](
Tantalk 1350am Radio Tampa Bay LIVE PC stream *
[FONT=Tahoma]The Property Wizard Radio Show**…online…straight talk…unfiltered**** ** [/FONT]
**With Jim “Property Wizard” Beggins **
This week’s special topic Now you have a contract — What next… With Joe Burkeson, Square-One Home Inspection.

Congrats, Joe.

Just stay away from any Don Imus material.

I don’t care if it rains or freezes… :mrgreen:

I’m going to go and watch im doing his Howard Stern impression :shock:

Actually I am going to call him on air and ask him to explain why you should book NACHI inspectors :wink:

Nice job Joe



I will be listening via PC. Hope you get a chance to address this asinine licensing bill. Don’t forget to wear clean underwear. Good luck