NACHI members co-sponsor a real estate seminar in FL.

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Nick, please go ahead and post us on the message board and thanks again.

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Dear Nick, My name is Ron Bair and my partner, Matt Stefanik, and I own Property Pros USA, Inc.- a professional home inspection company. Recently, we had the opportunity to be a co-sponsor of a real estate seminar, put on by JD Real Estate Group. There were approximately 100 real estate agents present at the seminar. We had a two-feet by six-feet banner made up for the occasion and on it we included a NACHI logo. Our table was in a prime location and could be easily seen by all in attendance. We have also just recently had magnetics made for our vehicles and included the NACHI logo on them as well. Here are a couple of pictures that I hope you will enjoy. Keep up the great work you are doing with NACHI and I hope to possibly hear from you sometime soon. Your fellow NACHI member, Sarasota, Florida

Nick Gromicko

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