NACHI members help boys group.

NACHI Members Help Outfit "Adventure Group"

*Good Shepherd Therapeutic Center, Inc is located in Warm Springs, GA and provides a host of services. One service is a Group Home for young men, who for various reasons, are not able to live in a traditional home. These young men need stability, love and direction in their lives. Good Shepherd is located on the old ‘Bar Rest Ranch’, a “dude ranch” next to the Roosevelt Institute and near President Roosevelt’s winter home – the Little White House. The famous Warm Springs are nearby, where he took treatments for his polio. Good shepherd operates on grants, donations and social service fees for each child in state custody. Income falls short of providing enrichment activities for these young men; activities which expose them to life skills and decision-making. NACHI member, Pam Williams has agreed to write the Enrichment Learning Program for Good Shepherd and is spearheading the Adventure Group equipment fund. She will oversee dissemination of donations on behalf of NACHI members. *

*The Adventure Group will be learning about the wilderness, how to survive, what to eat, trail behavior and safety, all with out leaving a trace in the woods. *
We have a cooperative sponsorship pledge from ‘Vita-13’ (a Native American health supplement); they have agreed to donate $5.00 from each bottle purchased via their website,]( in NACHI members behalf. For those of you who already take supplements, this is a way of continuing your health regimen and helping the boys at the same time. Of course, we always welcome direct donations, too. Check out the Vita-13 website and pass it along to folks in your address book or to anyone who is interested in helping in this effort.

***Able House Adventure Group *is the group within Able House that focuses on wilderness and adventure-based learning, mixed with savvy consumerism, job preparation and entrepreneurial skills. This group will enjoy hiking, primitive building, land and resource management activities, and natural sciences. This group will take over-night hikes and has several special trips planned to Cumberland Island and The Appalachian Trail. These boys meet God and themselves in the natural world around them. Indoors, they are introduced to basic business and life principles, entrepreneurship, and job acquisition skills.

*Your contributions will further our efforts as we work with these young men, equipping them to be successful; teaching them how to create a lifestyle different from the one that landed them here; resultant from their choices, or someone else’s. *

Donations will be tracked and reported on behalf of NACHI members quarterly. $500/year will provide each boy with full gear for camping/hiking, and an extra set of clothes and shoes for school. Many of these boys arrive here with only 2 sets of clothing…or shoes that do not fit. We intend to help them see possibilities, to discover and reach for their dreams, to set goals, to reveal and nurture their hidden talents.

For additional information on Good Shepherd, log onto]( or contact: Carlene Taylor, Executive Director or Pam Williams, Residential Program Director at (706) 655-2354 to discuss a designated donation.

***Donation mailing address: *(Please denote ‘NACHI Boys Fund’ in the memo section…Credit card donations accepted - phone 706-655-2354.)

Good Shepherd Therapeutic Center, Inc.
P.O. Box 659-Warm Springs, Georgia 31830
(706) 655-2354](

By the way… Pam is a NACHI member.

Hi Folks,

Pam Williams here; I want to thank Nick Gromicko for his interest in putting this out to all fellow NACHI members. I know NACHI can make a HUGE difference in the lives of these young men!

Please contact me with any questions or suggestions of other matching opportunities.


Pam Williams