NACHI members of the year should get free NACHI membership for life.

Yes, they deserve it.


I 2nd or 3rd it which ever I’m considered.


Brilliant! Why didn’t I think about that? Don’t amswer.

I can’t believe 3 voted NO, but it appears this referendum has passed. Who won members of the year?

the Awards Chair is Paul Hinsperger Click here and you can send him email …


The NACHI Member of the Year is not known at this time. The Awards Committee is currently discussing the available nominees and will be voting on it. The voting deadline will coincide with the end voting deadline of the other awards and an announcement will be made - on Christmas Day :slight_smile:

Would this be retroactive from years past?:smiley:


That seems fair.

Thank you


Hi to all,

Good grief, so now we have to put up with Joe F and Paul S in perpetutity :wink:

Seriously though it is a very nice jesture from NACHI to support those who have gone out of their way to support our members, good call.



I vote for Gerry, am I too early???

Who ever thought of this should get member of the year.!!!

Nick that is a good point well put.

yeah…I say Gerry should get a lifetime membership also…throw it in Nick…along with the NACHI soap and matching shower set.

Gerry’s truly deserving, and the fact that he’s Brit makes him even more special. He’s the ultimate straight shooter. Having said that, I was sorry to hear that Paul Abernathy has been berated and insulted. After all, he has given generously of his time and deserves better treatment than that. I would vote for him if only to counterbalence the nay sayers.

Here Here free membership for all

Paul, I resemble that remark, I had a shower last Christmas, I have one every year whether I need it or not !! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

On a more serious note, the NACHI member of the year is solely voted for by the members of the awards committee (unlike the US and Canadian awards).

There have been some great nominations this year, and I am privileged to be amongst them, I do not envy the committees task in selecting a winner, just to have been nominated by ones piers is an honor.



Gerry should be a lifetime member simply for having had to put up with my rants over the past 4 years.

He has been a consistent contributor and mentor to many.